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The Church proposes the canonization of Ignacio Echeverría, the “skateboard hero”



The family of Ignacio Echevarriathe “skateboard hero” The 39-year-old who was murdered on June 3, 2017 in England, has announced that he is working with the Church to open the canonization process of his son. Ignacio, who gave his life to save that of two strangers who were being attacked by three Islamist terrorists on London Bridge, could become a saint, as reported by El Mundo.

“The heroic offering of life, suggested and sustained by charity, expresses a true, complete and exemplary imitation of Christ and is therefore worthy of the admiration that the community of the faithful usually reserves for those who have voluntarily accepted the martyrdom of blood or have heroically exercised the Christian virtues».

These words of Pope Francisco written in an Apostolic Letter a few days after Ignatius’s death explain why the Church is willing to begin this process.

According to the Pontiff, “those Christians who, following more closely in the footsteps and teachings of the Lord Jesus, have willingly and freely offered his life for others and persevered to death in this purpose. That is why the auxiliary bishop of Madrid, Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, has proposed the idea of ​​canonizing him, also in accordance with what several relatives and friends have suggested for a few months.

“There are reasons for canonization”

Ignacio was murdered five years ago, on the night of June 3, 2017. He was returning home after skating with a friend when he saw, on London Bridge, how three men stabbed two other people in the back. Going against the current of those fleeing from there, he ran towards those Islamist terrorists, whom he hit with his skateboard, allowing the woman and the policeman who were about to die to escapewhile he ended up losing his life when he was stabbed.

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Echevarría, in a photograph shared by his family
Echevarría, in a photograph shared by his family – ABC

That cold night, the same one in which he lost his life, he became a hero. That heroism, materialized in his devoted sacrifice to protect the lives of others, is what is now leading him towards holiness.

Those who knew him emphasize that he was not only a believer and practitioner, but also a person for whom Faith played a fundamental role, located in the center of your life. His sister Isabel explains in statements to El Mundo that «there is a word that defines him and he used it, merciful. He said: ‘I always try to be merciful’».

Also in this newspaper his father recalls that Ignacio collaborated with Catholic Action, contributed money to the Church, gave catechism and was involved in the defense of Christian values; «his death can be useful, it was worth it for the example of a normal person’s effort. There are reasons for canonization. But we will see », he affirms.

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