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The CIS orders external surveys to measure the distrust it generates in the interviewees




The Sociological Research Center (CIS) commissions external surveys to a private company to measure the level of mistrust that the entity generates in the interviewees. This was stated on Wednesday by the president of the public body, José Félix Tezanos, who has justified during the Constitutional commission in the Congress of Deputies his performance in front of the entity since his arrival, in the face of criticism from PP, Vox and Ciudadanos.

The mirror interviews, commissioned from SIGMA 2 (presented the cheapest offer), are intended to gauge political mistrust and the consequent bias it causes in the work of the CIS. As Tezanos himself explained, only the 0.6 percent of those surveyed allege distrust in their refusal to participate. The method consists of carrying out the same questionnaires but with a different name and determining if there is any deviation.

The center-right parties reiterated their amendment to the entire Tezanos administration, while those on the left, especially the PSOE, struggled to defend their work. The common denominator of the arguments of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos is that the president of the CIS has put the entity «at the service »of the PSOE, with a “bias to the left” in their work and a loss of “prestige and credibility.” In addition, they censured the insults leveled at the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and popular voters in the 4-M campaign for being related, according to him, to “sectors of the tabernity.”

“Are you going to correct this scandalous bias to the left?” Asked PP deputy José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro, insisting that the body is adrift. “All Spaniards know, you the first and the President of the Government later, that you have been appointed to manage the CIS at the convenience of the Government,” added the spokesman for Vox, José María García, with a collection of reproaches in it. line. José María Espejo-Saavedra, from Cs, expressed himself in the same terms and also questioned the speaker about the surveys carried out at the end of the campaign, despite the prohibition to publish them, noting that they were used as “Internal tracking” by the PSOE.

The socialist Rafael Simancas made an extreme defense of each of the vertices that make up Tezanos’ performance, highlighting his career and denying the arguments made by the opposition, without exception. “He has ideas, he writes them, and they are not from the right,” said Simancas ironically, referring to the articles by the president of the CIS on Ayuso. However, he did not make a single mention of eliminating the questions regarding the government’s management during the pandemic, which were unfavorable for Pedro Sánchez, or those that were included during confinement in reference to the censorship of the media and that they were harshly rejected by the main journalists’ associations.

Little self-criticism

Tezanos, however, did not show an iota of self-criticism on any of these issues and justified the errors in the electoral barometers under the pretext that “It is not a fortune teller” and they are “indicative”. After recounting the history of the CIS, he explained that the fact that there are more parties also explains his lack of success. “We have more open and volatile electorates, who make the decision at the last minute, and that makes electoral behavior increasingly unpredictable,” he said.

The president of the CIS also presented the new methodology with which he has been working since April 2019, with the implementation now of the CATI system, based on a massive screening of telephone numbers to conduct telephone interviews. “In the CIS a scientific effort is made”, he valued, before saying that with this formula they have come to carry out 1,700 surveys in one day and the refusals have been reduced notably, from 29 to six.

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