Thursday, September 23

The City Council affirms that it is already entering 7.2 million from Plan Resistir II to more than three thousand self-employed and SMEs

The Alicante Town Hall claims to have entered between yesterday and today 6.8 million euros to 2,931 beneficiaries of the second call for the Resistir Plan, while having approved this morning in Governing Board a credit modification to cover the 410,000 euros of the 180 approved beneficiaries who exceeded the credit of the call so that too can charge once it is approved in plenary next week. In this way, municipal sources explain, a injection of 7,211,528.78 euros in the economic fabric of the city “to alleviate the economic effects caused by the pandemic among the self-employed and small companies with up to 10 workers.”

The bipartisan assures that it has exhausted all available credit for this second call of Resist Plan of the 11.1 million initial euros. In March distributed 4.3 million euros in the first call, and specifies that you have already taken the necessary steps to pay the 410,000 euros in which the credit allowed to be able to attend all of the 3,112 approved applications was exceeded.

The mayor, Luis Barcala, transferred this novelty to the representatives of the tourism sector associations of the city with whom he met before the new restrictive measures approved by the Consell to face the increase in contagion, and this has been accredited by both the entity in charge of managing the aid, the Local Development Agency What from the Department of Economy and Finance, from where payment has been ordered and the modification of credit to increase the funds of the aid, always according to the information communicated by the City Council. Barcala has highlighted “the effectiveness with which this Resist Plan has been resolved from the Local Development Agency approving in this second call 91% of the applications submitted, a very high percentage, of which he has been satisfied and that has forced the City Council to contribute new funds to serve all the beneficiaries “.

Immediate payment

The mayor of Economy and Finance, Lidia López, has explained that “between yesterday and today, the City Council is paying 6.8 million euros to nearly 3,000 beneficiaries, self-employed workers and small companies with up to 10 workers, corresponding to the second call for the Plan Resistir. At the same time, we have approved in the Governing Board this morning the second modification of credits of the Municipal Budget for an amount of 450,000 euros to cover the 180 beneficiaries that had been pending the receipt of the aid and that they will also be able to receive the contributions granted shortly. “The mayor also highlighted that the freelancers and small companies in the sector linked to traditional festivals there is a deposit more than 2.5 million euros of the 7.2 that are being paid, an issue that “highlights the effort made to serve one of the sectors most affected by the limitations imposed as a result of the pandemic.”

The mayor, president of the Local Development Agency, Mari Carmen from Spain, has commented that “with this second call we are going to meet the objective of the Resistir Plan of attending the economic emergency caused by covid in the local economy for which a credit of 11,145,766 euros was generated in aid provided by the Generalitat with 60%, Provincial Council with 25% and City Council with the remaining 15 percent “. In this regard, the head of the Local Development Agency recalled that in the first call for the Resistir Plan, 4,345,222.85 euros were injected into the Alicante economy, more than 1,779 freelancers and professionals.

The City Council explains that In 2020, it already paid a total of 4,388,150 euros in aid to 4,563 freelancers and small companies of the 5,950 that requested them and that they complied with the bases of the call. In addition, another 498,338.79 euros were granted to another 475 beneficiaries in the call that came out expressly to address the economic emergency in the commerce and hospitality sector, plus another 207,889 euros in aid approved to 372 beneficiaries who had requested aid for watchmen . As in the first aid package, in this second the beneficiaries, self-employed persons and micro-companies with up to 10 workers, will receive 2,000 euros and an additional 200 euros for each employee registered before December 31, 2020, up to a maximum of 4,000 euros.

New aids

From Spain he has also recalled that Today the deadline to request the new aid package expires, what It will be financed with the 710,000 euros approved by the Alicante Provincial Council to attend the economic recovery and alleviate the effects of the pandemic in the municipalities of the province. These grants are intended to small companies with between 10 and 20 workers open to all CNAE headings and that may reach 3,000 euros, after it has been detected that there is a sector of small companies and businesses with these dimensions that had been left out of aid.

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