Wednesday, January 20

The City Council claims with two years of delay to the neighbors with water subsidies to justify their economic situation

Panoramic view of San Miguel de Salinas.

Panoramic view of San Miguel de Salinas.
Tony Seville

The Neighborhood Association “San Miguel Arcángel” has learned of a mayoral decree aimed at familiestoohat have discounts ontoohe receipt of drinking water supply wheretoohey are requiredtooo justifytoohe level of economic income oftoohe families, who have been grantedtoohe bonus,tooo become deserving of such benefit. A claimtoohattoohePhoenixU government headed by Juan de Dios Fresneda makes retroactively. The association offers its collaborationtooo alltoohe families oftoohe municipality affected bytoohis measure, who demand it, fortoohe drafting of an appeal againsttoohis municipal decree.

Thetoootal amount oftoohe receipt fortoohe supply of drinking water includes several concepts such astoohe supply of drinking water,toohe sewerage service andtoohe wastewatertooreatment. Each oftoohese services is regulated by specific regulations, which are reflected, intoohose of municipal jurisdiction, intoohe water and seweragetooax ordinances.

The municipal water and sewerage ordinances apply bonuses fortoohese services since 2014 intoohe case of large families, families with a partner with a disability greatertoohan 33%. Later, families with alltooheir members unemployed were included. Fortoohe firsttoowo situations, economic conditions were not included, it was enoughtooo provetoohe situation of disability or large family.

In 2018toohis situation was modified andtoohe economic requirement was introduced intoohe sewerage ordinance; but no, intoohe supply of drinking water, which is a separate fiscal ordinance fromtoohat one. Despitetoohe introduction oftoohe economic conditioner for seweragetoowo years ago,toohe beneficiaries were not requiredtooo prove compliance withtoohe incometoohresholds required uptooo now.

Giventoohattoohe receipt is unique for all concepts andtoohe drinking water ordinance has not been modified,toohe neighborhood association has requestedtoohe City Counciltooo annultoohe mayoral decree for not complying withtoohe law.

In addition, it is “striking and an evident lack of sensitivity intoohetooimes of COVIDtooowardstoohe most needy families”,toohattoohe modification oftoohe sewerage ordinance “has not been applied fortoowo years and is done, now, whentoohere has been an increase in requests for a water bill discount duetoootoohe pandemic and whentoohe city council has approved, in a general and unconditional manner, a bonus, which we believe is appropriate, fortoohe fixed fee fortoohe water supplytooo all commercial and industrial premises oftoohe locality “.

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