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The City Council of Cáceres appears against the authors of the fire of the Pozo de la Nieve

The Pozo de la Nieve is in a state of abandonment despite having protection. / TODAY

The municipal technicians are still working on the assessment of fire damage from last August in the surroundings of the building

Manuel M. Nunez

The local government team agreed this Friday at its weekly meeting to appear as an accusation in the open court case for the fire last August in the area of ​​Pozo de la Nieve. It is a historic building that is waiting to be included in the catalog of protected assets through a modification of the PGM.

In the Local Government Board, the decision was made that the City Council take part in the judicial process since part of the affected assets are municipal property, advanced the spokesperson for the Executive, María José Pulido. The Consistory has received a communication from the Prosecutor’s Office and an official response is given to it with the appearance in the case once several minors were identified as alleged perpetrators. Initially it was noted that there were two people, but Pulido speaks of three.

The Pozo de la Nieve saw on August 14 how the flames raged with an enclave near the Paseo Alto and the hermitage of the Santos Mártires and on which the neighbors have been demanding that the City Council act. The fire occurred in a pasture area, but reached the old building. The first estimates indicated that the central part, the most valuable and in which the ice was preserved, was not affected. However, the final report on the damage assessment is still missing. The Consistory also considers whether, in addition to appearing as an accusation, it requests some type of compensation. It is a detail that will be studied by the Government later.

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“We understand that the Pozo de la Nieve is a historical asset that must be defended. The City Council is person in this case because they are not details of little importance, “explains María José Pulido. The Councilor for Security and spokesperson stresses that with this action the Consistory sends a clear message in defense of cultural heritage and against actions that put property and people at risk.

The same day of the fire, the Local Police identified two minors in the area of ​​the event, on a slope of Paseo Alto. The fire forced Sepei and Infoex personnel to intervene. The City Council already influenced then that the building was waiting to be included in the catalog of protected assets although it already appears in the Archaeological Charter of Extremadura, so it has protection.

Despite this, abandonment is its main characteristic. It has been grazed by bottles in its vicinity and more recently by fire. Already in 2018, the Montesol neighborhood group asked for solutions. From the municipal group of Citizens, the “negligence and neglect of the Government team” in the management of this matter has been criticized. However, Pulido insists that the objective is to work on a recovery of the property through a municipal intervention. “We are still pending the damage assessment, but the intention is to fix it,” he concludes.

LGBTI Council

On the other hand, the local Government Board also agreed to award Daro Royo for 15,950 euros the contract for the adaptation of the municipal premises in Los Fratres, the former neighborhood headquarters, as the headquarters of the LGTBI Council. Grants were approved for just over 29,000 euros for NGOs working on sustainable development and citizenship education. These are groups involved in defending the rights of women, migrants or LGTBI.

More than 27,000 people got on the urban bus on Thursday in the day without a car

In addition, the Local Board addressed the balance of the day without a car, which ended without incident and passed “normally” and with great citizen involvement, according to Pulido.

27,183 people boarded the urban bus. Public transport was free on Thursday. As a reference, on Thursday the 15th the bus had 20,181 users and on September 19, 2019 it reached 19,553. Regarding the high number of people who used the bus, the municipal spokeswoman indicated that “it had not been reached for a long time.” “We feel proud. We have seen fewer vehicles and public transport has been used. This citizen response encourages us to continue working”, ditch Pulido.

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