Thursday, September 28

The City Council of Cáceres opens four municipal swimming pools this Friday

Mayor Luis Salaya inaugurated this Friday the opening of the municipal swimming pools in Pinilla. / George King

They are those of Pinilla, Cáceres el Viejo, Parque del Príncipe and Valdesalor; on July 1 will open the Aldea Moret and Rincón de Ballesteros

Serge Lawrence

«We are all going to be happy this year to be able to enjoy the pools without following strict rules due to the covid; without having to wear a mask, without restricted areas; we will see, as before, 15 boys together playing cards, “said Luis Salaya, mayor of Cáceres, on Friday, when inaugurating the opening of the municipal swimming pools.

Since Friday, the swimming pools of the Parque del Príncipe, the one at the ‘Agustín Ramos Guija’ Sports Complex in Cáceres el Viejo, the ‘San Jorge’ municipal pool in Pinilla and the one in Valdesalor have been open. They will remain open for three months, until September 11. The other two municipal swimming pools, Aldea Moret and Rincón de Ballesteros, will open on July 1 and close on August 30.

All pools are the same price. The daily adult ticket is 2 euros and the child ticket and for people over 65 is 1.50 euros. Reductions in the price have been established for large families and also for people who prove the unemployment situation of their two parents. The rest of the rates and information on the facilities and activities can be consulted on the website:

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The City Council has had to make investments to prepare the municipal swimming pools for the summer season. In general, the premises have been monitored, tree pruning, lawn reseeding, changing room painting, provision of furniture in kitchens and hotel terraces, small masonry, carpentry and electrical work.

Among the works carried out, the complete change of the treatment plant of the adult pool in the Parque del Príncipe, the new pumping system, the replacement of shower trays and the repair of water leaks in the small pool stand out. In addition, the complete reseeding of the lawn meadow and the planting of trees in Cáceres el Viejo has been undertaken.

In Valdesalor, the sunshades have been increased and the dosing equipment for bathing water treatment has been changed. In the Rincón de Ballesteros lawn, the most deteriorated areas of the grass have been reseeded and the loss of water in the swimming pools has been repaired.

In the Pinilla lawn, the most deteriorated areas of the lawn were reseeded and improvements have been made to the first-aid kit and access to the sewage treatment plant. In Aldea Moret the pool enclosure has been improved and the bath water treatment dosing equipment has been changed.

The team of workers of the municipal swimming pools is made up of more than 60% of people with disabilities, assuring the City Council that inclusion, “is always a transversal axis in the policies of this team and it is very positive to see how it translates in the employment of people with disabilities. Something that we have also taken into account in the swimming courses that are offered in the municipal swimming pools, which include integration places.

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The registration period for the swimming courses offered at the municipal swimming pools of San Jorge, Parque del Príncipe and Cáceres el Viejo is open until Monday, June 20. They are intended for both children and adults.

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