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The City Council of Cáceres seeks a solution to the kiosks in the parks, which are still closed

Rodeo park kiosk, sealed and without service for months. / ARMANDO MENDEZ

The Rodeo facility has been sealed for more than a year and the Peru facility was closed due to problems with the bathrooms

Manuel M. Nunez

The new outdoor proposals for leisure after two years of the pandemic point to a boom in the terrace sector. In Cáceres there are some parks that offered that option. It is currently unfeasible, as they are still closed. These are the cases of the Rodeo and Peru, two emblematic venues and in which their respective facilities have shown other seasons to have a great pull among the people of Cáceres. The crowds were common but none of its kiosks are currently operational. The City Council seeks solutions. In the middle of spring and with the whole summer ahead, this alternative is demanded by numerous people who continue to be reluctant to closed premises.

“We are removing all the empty kiosks or those that can be set up so that whoever is interested can make a proposal or request them,” the Consistory responds to TODAY’s queries on this matter. They point out in the government team that according to that demand the decision will be made “if its function should be modified or to propose a solution in this regard.”

The ‘closed’ sign has been hanging for too long. That’s the situation at the Rodeo. What used to be a point of reference for whole families, groups of young people or couples to share a drink with the lake or the gardens in the background, is now a sad construction with a seal. Javier Sánchez, one of the interested businessmen, presented in 2020 together with two partners the plans for a reform. His interview with the Councilor for Urban Planning, José Ramón Bello, was fruitful. The idea was to modernize the terrace and use it not only in summer.

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The City Council explained that there was an unfavorable report from the Construction area and that complicated things. In 2021 there was talk of a possible public tender with the pending reforms included. “We have been waiting for a year,” the businessman lamented last summer.

“We have not been able to carry out the activity, but the deficiencies are not attributable to us,” says the winner of Peru

«There are people who were interested in some gaps after layoffs or retirements and it is the way to offer all those that are viable. It will be published in the BOE in the coming days », the local Executive is limited to responding to queries about the situation in which the kiosks in its parks are.

Another unique case is that of Peru. A little over a year ago this newspaper already published that it was closed. After a Health inspection, it was found that there were no bathrooms separated by sex and accessible. The successful bidder, Luis Rodríguez, renewed the contract in 2018 for a period of six years with an extension of three. “We have not been able to carry out the activity, but the deficiencies are not attributable to the concessionaire,” he warns. With the start of the new spring season, alternatives are still being sought. «We had a meeting with the City Council and Health and we are waiting. We have had to cancel many reservations for parties and communions », he reviews. This businessman already had to give up another similar concession years ago, that of the Padre Pacífico kiosk. It is also not in service.

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