Monday, October 25

The City Council of Elda grants aid for the payment of housing rent and energy supplies

The Elda City Council grants aid for the payment of housing rent and energy supplies.

The Elda City Council grants aid for the payment of housing rent and energy supplies.

He Elda Town Hall, through the Housing and Social Welfare Councils, has granted a series of grants for the rental of housing and energy supplies to 24 Eldenses families. The Councilor for Housing, Javier Rivera, and the councilor for Social Welfare, have announced the granting of these grants “which come from an emergency fund authorized by the Second Vice-Presidency and the Department of Housing of the Generalitat Valenciana to expand the social shield that we are developing to stop the socioeconomic consequences of COVID”, According to Rivera.

The mayor of Housing has stated that “from the City Council we have worked hard, through the departments of Social Welfare, Housing and Finance, and we want to recognize the work and awareness of the workers in these areas to help the citizens who have the greatest needs ”.

Javier Rivera has assured that “from the Department of Housing we will continue working to give a better response to the housing problem in our city, focusing on the needs of the social majority and fighting against speculation.”

For her part, Alba García explained that “this year the attention to the most vulnerable families has been a priority for the local government and therefore, this subsidy from the Department of Housing that has reached the end of the year we could not let it lose. Thanks to the work and speed of the workers in different areas, we have been able to approve a total of 24 grants to as many families corresponding to the payment of monthly rent and payment of water, electricity and community bills for a total amount of 70,694 euros ”.

The breakdown of the aid is as follows:

  • 19 grants have been 8 monthly rent, electricity, water and community.

  • 2 grants of 6 months rent, electricity, water and community.

  • 1 help of 5 months of rent, electricity, water and community.

  • 1 rental, electricity, water and community aid for four months.

  • 1 rent, electricity, water and community help for 3 months.

García explained that “the number of months approved varies depending on the effective date of the contract. The amounts for water, electricity and community are adapted ranging between 115 and 200 euros per month. The rental amounts range from 200 to 350 euros ”.

The Councilor for Social Welfare explained that “the perception of the aid has been aimed at alleviating situations of vulnerability of families affected by the health emergency, finding themselves at risk of social exclusion and residential exclusion. A social diagnosis has been carried out by the IMSSE social workers and an assessment of residential exclusion through the ETHOS scale ”.

Through these grants, it has been possible to achieve stability in the home and prevent possible situations of eviction. “Getting a safe and stable home is the first step to achieve social integration of vulnerable families and at risk of social exclusion,” Garcia stressed.

The 24 families lack a stable economic situation and of them, 8 belong to the general population, 2 are families with a member with a disability, 3 are foreign population or political refugees and one person is affected by eviction.

Alba García has concluded by explaining that “from the IMSSE a social support is being carried out that is aimed at ensuring that they effectively justify the aid granted and in parallel reinforcing social integration through the search for employment, improvement of professional skills, as well as guaranteeing the attention of minors ”.

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