Thursday, May 26

The City Council requests an aid of 700,000 euros to continue with the rehabilitation of the hillside

The Local Government Board has agreed today to request a subsidy of 737,800 euros from the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Commerce and Work to continue advancing in the conditioning of the slope of the Vinalopó River.

“It is about asking for this subsidy to carry out the Elche XVI Employment Workshop and the City Council would contribute a co-financing of 108,000 euros in order to continue with the conditioning and improvement of the slope of the Vinalopó river and its accesses, in this case by the west slope, specifically in what has to do with the surroundings of the Altamira Bridge”, indicated the spokesman for the Government Team, Ramón Abad, who added that “it is also for the renovation and installation of networks and solar panels in the cultural complex Pedro Ibarra Library and the Miguel Hernández Center. Along with this, the installation of a Wi-Fi antenna on the western slope of the Vinalopó River is also contemplated.

Abad has indicated that the certification of trades that have been requested in this employment workshop for the students who are part of it may later have their profession enabled are: auxiliary activities in nurseries and gardens, maintenance of gardens and green areas, auxiliary operations of assembly, electrotechnical telecommunications installations in buildings and masonry auxiliary operations, among others.

The slope of Vinalopó, one of the green lungs of the city, has become in recent years, thanks to the improvement actions carried out by the Government Team, a space for recreation and sports practice for thousands of people from Elche and illicit.

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The spokesman has indicated that the objective of these actions on the slopes of the Vinalopó River is to promote its environmental regeneration, as well as to achieve European Green Capital status in 2030. In addition, these plans aim to improve the employability of the unemployed by carrying out works or services of general and social interest, and the provision of professional occupational training, which seeks their professional qualification and favors their labor insertion.

Until now, work has been carried out to consolidate the hillside, recover the vegetation cover, install automated irrigation, quarry work and restore natural stone, improve access and install telecommunications infrastructure.

In another order of things, the Governing Board has approved the bases of the call for the creation of a temporary job bank for a European fund management technician. As explained by Abad, the job of the designated person will be to lead the specific department of the Department of Finance and Tax Management created administratively in September for the collection and management of these subsidies. “Previous experience in similar tasks in the preparation, drafting and implementation of European projects will be valued, also valuing the qualification and training of the applicants for this position”, said the spokesperson, who stressed that the person selected to achieve funds for the city such as the Next Generation “will have to do an important job of research, coordination and execution” of them.

In the Commerce Area, the City Council will ask the Ministry of Commerce to authorize the commercial practice of the local holiday Monday, April 25 (second Monday of Mona) to replace April 10 (Palm Sunday), as well as the disabling of the 15 August national holiday and propose the authorization on August 14, a matter that was discussed at the Trade Council held this week.

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In addition, a grant has been requested from the Ministry to finance 100% of the activities of the Agency for the Promotion of Commercial Innovation of the Consistory offered by the regional administration in two lines, each adding a total of 240,000 euros and 1,600,000 euros for the entire Valencian Community.

In the Sports Area, the City Council and the Elche Riders Club have signed the collaboration agreement for the joint organization of the XIX City of Elche National Equestrian Raid on February 5. The municipal government therefore undertakes to contribute 2,000 apart from other complementary services such as cleaning or citizen security.

Finally, the Government Team has agreed to the temporary transfer of municipal offices to different entities and associations of Elche to hold their own activities.

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