Thursday, January 21

The city councils of the province of Alicante turn to the 25N

All the events to be held will have all the security and prevention measures for Covid-19.

All the events to be held will have all the security and prevention measures for Covid-19.

2020 has been an atypical year in every way, and while the world was confined to home due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, reports showed an alarming increase in the previously existing, pandemic of violence against women.

This social situation, more widespread than we imagine, has not stopped even when the whole world was on pause. According to data, one in three women suffers sexual or physical violence, mostly from their partner, therefore, one can imagine the added difficulty for these women to remain confined to their homes with their assailants. Therefore, the confinements decreed in the field of the Covid-19 pandemic have escalated violence in the home, so that parallel to the coronavirus, another shadow pandemic has developed, that of violence against women and girls.

Therefore, despite the circumstances, it is important commemorate November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, It is essential to give visibility to this problem in order to raise awareness among the population and show support for women victims.

Prevention through awareness is one of the keys in the fight against gender violenceIt is also essential that victims are informed of their rights and the instruments provided for their protection. The early detection of the first signs of gender violence is essential to prevent it and to avoid certain behaviors of control, lack of respect, isolation, humiliation or aggression from worsening.

All the events to be held will have all the security and prevention measures for Covid-19.

Municipalities overturned with the 25N

In the province of Alicante, city councils, entities and organizations have turned their heads coordinating different activities that manage to influence theto social awareness regarding the elimination of all forms of violence against women.

In this sense, there is a wide range of events, workshops, talks, conferences by multidisciplinary experts, debates, among other activities. All the events to be held will have all the security and prevention measures for Covid-19.

The City Council of San Vicente del Raspeig has organized an extensive program in which the round tables that will include the associations and entities of the province of San Vicente, in addition to the fact that citizen participation is encouraged in the different events.

For his part, Sant Joan Town Hall has prepared during this week several expert talks in which different aspects of gender violence will be addressed, in order to know how to prevent it or how to act against this problem.

The Alicante Town HallAs it could not be otherwise, it also adds to awareness, the city will have several activities aimed at the entire population, among which the exhibition “I have no owner” stands out, which is in the hall of the Seneca building and that it can be seen even from outside.

Further, the Elche City Council I could not stop claiming and making visible a date as important as this one and the different events will mainly use social networks and the use of technology as innovation this year.

Also, the Unit against Violence against Women of the Government Sub-delegation has prepared a panel of training and awareness activities, starting with the violet lighting of the facade of the Subdelegation of Alicante, and has organized a Day against digital violence, among other activities that you can consult on the following pages.

Even so, all the agencies work throughout the year to sensitize, denounce and raise awareness and are not limited only to the month of November.

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