Friday, April 19

“The city no longer exists”

Mariupol is no more. This is the torn cry of the mayor of him, Vadim Boitchendko, about the situation in the city besieged and bombarded by Russian troops, where for days there has been no water, no food, no heating or electricity. A second ceasefire to evacuate trapped civilians has failed due to renewed bombardment. In an offensive on several fronts, the Russian Army prepares to storm Odesa and advances towards Kiev.

“The second attempt at a humanitarian corridor has again ended with shelling by the Russians,” Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, said. The Mariupol municipality had previously reported that buses had left Zaporizhia for the city to pick up the civilians. The new attempted cessation of hostilities after yesterday’s unsuccessful attempt it had started at 9:00 in the morning, peninsular time, and had to last 11 hoursuntil 8:00 p.m.

Local authorities anticipated that more than 250,000 residents trapped in the port city, which has a total of 450,000 inhabitants, can flee through a humanitarian corridor sure. “The scenes that are lived in Mariúpol are distressing”, has denounced from Geneva the International Committee of the Red Cross (CIRC).

Doctors without borders has warned that humanitarian corridors will be insufficient if there is no security for those who cross them. “They are a right and not a privilege,” sources from the NGO have declared.

“A Historic Crime”

On another front, the Russian Army is ready to bomb Odessaa strategic city and main port of Ukraine located in the Black Seasaid the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. “It will be a military crime. It will be a historical crime,” she said through a video message. The Russian Army continues to advance in southern Ukraine with the aim of stalking Kyiv. Intense fighting takes place on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital

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Kiev continues to be bombarded by the Russian Army that tries to control the airport. Russia claims to have taken Kharkivthe second city of Ukrainewhose main square, the liberty square, has been bombed and paratroopers have been dropped into the city. Moscow has under control the strategic city of KhersonIn the south .

“distressing” scenes

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Putin raises the tone

Vladimir Putin He has insisted that the invasion of the country led by Zelensky had a motive: to defend Russian interests and the interests of pro-Russian Ukrainian areas. Putin, once again, has also claimed that his goal is to “demilitarize” Ukraine as well as (despite the fact that Zelensky himself is of Jewish origin) “throw the Nazis out of the country.” The president has warned the European Union and the rest of the Western countries that the economic sanctions imposed are “a way of making war on Russia.”

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