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The civil (and family) war of Seville

  • José María del Nido tries this Tuesday to regain the presidency of the Seville club from the hand of an American investor without it being clear if he will have the necessary support

  • Pepe Castro, current president and who has Del Nido junior on his board, disfigures the “bravado” of his predecessor because the entity is experiencing “the best moment in its history”

Disloyalty, betrayal, power struggles, corruption, family clashes and even a teaspoon of pink sauce. Ingredients typical of a soap opera but that make up the shareholders meeting that he Seville celebrate this Tuesday. Jose Maria del Nido will try to strike and regain the presidency by unseating the former vice president, Pepe castro, on whose board appears Del Nido’s own son, with the support of some American investors that landed in the Seville club through Castro himself. Does anyone give more?

The club is ruined. The management is so disastrous that it is necessary to cut the wings of this loop, “Del Nido said resoundingly a few days ago in the Cope chain. Castro countered a day later:” The sevillistas do not want change. Changes are made when things go wrong and the club is in one of the best moments in its history“.” It still fits a twist to the growth of Sevilla and we will give it to them, “argued the applicant, to which Castro once again objected:”[Del Nido] Have lust for power and joins an American group that he is only interested in money, whose intention is to make a capital increase and stay at Sevilla ”.

“Faithful Vice President”

Del Nido chaired the club during 12 years with Castro as “faithful vice president”, in the words of Castro himself. Shortly before his entry into prison for the ‘Minutes case’ (irregularities in the fees charged to the Marbella City Council), the lawyer had to leave the position in the hands of Castro. In command of his actions he placed one of his six sons, Jose Maria del Nido Carrasco, who, curiously married the daughter of an illustrious Betic, Pepe Mel. She did it dressed in red and on Betis street. The groom’s father did not attend the link because he was in prison, but Castro did.

Throughout all these years the underground fight it has not ceased. Not even the stability pact signed in 2019 by the large shareholders, by which Del Nido was to regain the presidency in 2023, led to a lasting truce. “I didn’t want any pact because I know him, because I know that skips all kinds of pacts, even the law“, emphasized Castro, who assures that he signed it convinced by Del Nido Jr.

From the covenant to the courts

Indeed, the pact lasted only a few days. And not because father and son joined forces. “The popular proverb says that between father, son and brother do not put your hand – explains Del Nido -. I have had a disagreement with my son because he manages the club with Castro as if they were his actions. I have withdrawn trust and he does not represent the Del Nido family on the Seville board of directors “.

Del Nido Benavente and Del Nido Carrasco faced each other in court. The father claimed that the son had “self-appointed” family representative “in perpetuity” and the son claimed that the father’s arguments to justify his loss of confidence were “fruit of your imagination and invented pretexts to comply with the pact. “Justice revoked the powers granted to the son, although not retroactively, which further complicates the situation.

And so the extraordinary meeting of this Tuesday is reached, at the request of Sevillistas Unidos 2020, the group led by Del Nido with the support of 777 Partners. ‘Los Americanos’, as they are known in Seville. A Miami-based fund that took the Girondins to bankruptcy administration and what has 7% of the shares of Sevilla, where it came from the hand of Castro. The current president was trying with that alliance to counteract the massive purchase of shares that Del Nido had started in 2018, but now it has turned against him.

That is one of the assets of Del Nido (whose disqualification penalty for administrative charges does not end until March) for undecided shareholders to support the insurrection, but just in case he insists that the club would not pass into foreign hands because has had offers “of many zeros” and has rejected them. “To think at this stage of the film that I am going to sell Sevilla … The project will be led by three people: me, me and me“, he emphasizes, not without venturing that ‘the Americans’ can” introduce the club into a financial world that we don’t even know about. ”

In his mind is a comprehensive remodeling of the Sánchez Pizjuán and the sports city and an internationalization of the club’s image, which is linked to its declared sympathy for the Super League, as much as he praises the work of Javier Tebas, with whom he shared membership in Fuerza Nueva.

“Seville is not stupid”

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The purchase of 400 shares (out of 100,000) from Luis Galán, until then a Castro advisor to Sevilla, was a moral triumph for Del Nido a few days before the meeting in which he wants to assault the presidential chair, although it does not seem possible, at the moment.

“We believe that we have enough shares to win at this meeting, but the share movement is irreversible. If we do not win the meeting, we will continue buying shares and we will go to another in three months“He threatens.” They are bravado, “replied Castro. When he was president, he did well and it must be recognized. But now he tries to control the club and it is not his, it belongs to everyone. Sevilla is not stupid”.

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