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The Civil Guard believes that the murderer of the boy Álex in Lardero suffocated him to prevent him from screaming

They did not hear screams. No neighbor on the floor where Francisco Javier Almeida he tricked the boy away, Alex before killing him has declared that he listened to the boy. The hypothesis of the Civil Guard, as CASO ABIERTO has learned, the investigation and events channel of the Prensa Ibérica newspapers, is that the pedophile and murderer struggled with the child nine-year-old inside his apartment and ended up suffocating him, most likely covering her mouth to keep him from screaming and giving him away.

Neighbors and a local police officer discovered less than twenty minutes after the kidnapping, according to police sources, the man with the child in her arms, dying, on the landing of the stairs. Almeida then said that he had “faint”. They rescued him, but could not save him. The boy had some marks on his neck, but no broken bones, as this medium has learned.

Wig remnants

The autopsy will finally establish the causes of death, but sources of the investigation have explained to CASE OPEN their hypothesis of what happened those minutes in the afternoon of October 28: At his home, Almeida discovered that the one he believed was a minor disguised with an exorcist girl wig he was actually a nine-year-old boy. Remains of the wig of that costume were found in Almeida’s house, in addition to other hairs that the Civil Guard is analyzing in the laboratory.

Then, according to the sources consulted by OPEN CASE, there must have been a struggle between the two, which caused the visible marks on the child’s neck. “It is possible that he covered his mouth so that he would not scream”, underline sources of the investigation, “That he covered it so tightly that it suffocated him by suffocation”they add. Hence, the judge in charge of the case has sent him to prison accused for the moment “only” of one murder crime, awaiting the data from the examination of Alex’s corpse. Depending on what the forensic report reveals, Almeida could be charged with treacherous murder.

He abused a girl and killed a woman

In 1989, a young Almeida attacked and sexually abused a 13-year-old girl; in 1998 he attacked and killed a 25-year-old girl in Logroño. Never, to the best of our knowledge, has he committed attacks against people of the same sex. For those crimes he was sentenced to 7 and 30 years in prison, respectively. He served four years in prison for the first attack and almost 23 more for the second, until he was released on parole in October 2020.

So she spent a few months living with her sister in Logroño, but after some disagreement, she settled in the Villa Patro urbanization, in Lardero. He paid 500 euros a month to rent for a flat at number five on Río Linares street, very close to a park and a school.

Photograph taken by one of the children of Lardero’s murderer.

“The old”

Some children suspected this man, whom they called “The Old Man” and who hung around the park and offered them go up to your house to see the birds I had there or teach them a supposed puppy dog. One of them even took a picture of him with his mobile phone.

On the afternoon of October 28, a group of children were playing in the park celebrating the Halloween party. Almeida was there too, lurking. The older children left and the nine-year-old boy, Alex, stayed alone for a minute. Almeida approached him and tricked him into going upstairs. At 8:20 in the afternoon, the mother reported the disappearance. Neighbors and friends began desperately to look for Alex and they remembered that man who was around the kids. At twenty to nine, several of them, local police and civil guards, found Almeida on the landing of his staircase with the child in his arms, took him away, and called an ambulance. They couldn’t save him.

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