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The Civil Guard closes its investigation of the case of the girls of Tenerife without finding errors

Beatriz Zimmerman and her daughters Olivia and Anna.

There were no errors by the Civil Guard agents that they investigated from the first moment the disappearance of the girls Anna and Olivia, kidnapped and made to disappear by his father, Tomás Gimeno, on April 27. It is the conclusion of the internal investigation opened by the Tenerife Command, according to what CASO ABIERTO has learned in advance, the investigative and events channel of the Prensa Ibérica newspapers.

The “confidential information” had been opened to find out if the civil guards who assisted Beatriz Zimmerman, the mother of the six and one year old girls, they acted correctly that night of April 27, when the woman arrived to report that her partner had taken the girls.

Sexual assault

Anna and Olivia’s mother he went to the Candelaria barracks shortly before ten o’clock at night. Your ex partner He had threatened her that she would never see her daughters again. He then went to inform the agents to prevent Gimeno from fleeing the island with the girls, which was his fear. But the guards were at that time processing another complaint against a detainee for sexual assault and they asked him to wait.

At that time, Beatriz spoke again on the phone with her former partner, even a civil guard intervened in that conversation with the father to try to convince him to return his daughters safe and sound. Gimeno insisted that he would not return them and increased his threats.

No registration

The woman then left the barracks without actually filing a complaint. The guards, busy with the other macho aggression, they did not then register that incidence in the news section. Shortly afterwards, they went to Beatriz’s house to look for her, but the woman was not there. That night, around a quarter past eleven, agents of a maritime service patrol boat intercepted Gimeno at sea, arriving at the port in his boat. He had already thrown the lifeless bodies of his daughters into the ocean.

Coronavirus restrictions were in effect. The agents took his data and then proposed that he be punished for breaking the curfew. The man told them that he was coming back. The two tennis bags in which he had put the bodies of his daughters were no longer in the boat. Neither is the anchor.

Without negligence

The Command of the Armed Institute of Tenerife He then opened an internal investigation to find out if the agents had acted correctly that night. The investigation, a kind of audit, has been completed and has been closed without discovering any negligence, so no report or file will be opened.

As there was no complaint filed that night, the agents could not include her in the SIGO (Integrated Operational Management System), so that the other civil guards who intercepted Gimeno in his boat did not know that he had taken his daughters. The director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, had already defended the actions of the agents during a visit to Tenerife: “They act with the knowledge that exists at that time,” he explained then.

The last conversation

After his run-in with the civil guards, Tomás Gimeno arrived at the port, went to a nearby gas station, bought tobacco and a charger for his phone. He spent about twenty minutes there, while his cell phone battery was recharging. After that time, He got back on his boat and went out to sea. Around one thirty in the morning his ex-wife, Beatriz, managed to speak to him for the last time. It was a long conversation, of about twenty minutes, in which the two talked about their relationship as a couple and also about the girls. Tomás told him that he, already in the singular, was going away. And to his ex-wife he said, “You are not going to see the girls again.”

At six in the morning the next day, the The girls’ mother went back to the Civil Guard barracks because he kept calling his ex-partner, but he was no longer answering him and the phone was off. That morning, Gimeno’s boat appeared empty, adrift.

Ángeles Alvariño

The Civil Guard investigations continued and had the help of the oceanographic vessel Ángeles Alvariño, suspecting that Gimeno had thrown the body of his daughters into the sea and then, after his last conversation with his former partner, had committed suicide.

On June 10, search teams located the body of Olivia, Beatriz Zimmerman’s eldest daughter. It was about three miles from the coast and about a thousand meters deep, inside a tennis bag and tied next to the anchor of his father’s boat. Next to her was found another twin bag, open and empty, and the oxygen cylinder used by the father in his diving days. Researchers believe that inside was the body of Anna, the little daughter. The agents continued to search for his body and that of his father, Tomás Gimeno, without success.

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