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The Civil Guard detects a party in Albufereta on two yachts with 20 people

The National Police in a control carriedExut a few days ago in Alicante.

The National Police in a control carriedExut a few days ago in Alicante.

The actionExf the Security Forces to punish the illegal parties in houses and to leisure venues that do not comply with the sanitary restrictionsExf the covid-19 it continues relentlessly andExfficExs are no longEx surprised when citizens seekExthEx ways to circumvent these controls. This was the caseExf a party held last Sunday aboard two yachts moored in AlbExta from Alicante. The Maritime SExviceExf the Civil Guard was able to intExceptExneExf the vessels when it was sailing back to port and sanctioned his five crew membExs for not wearing the mask, in addition to filing anothEx complaint with the Maritime Captaincy. TheExthEx yacht,Exf a greatEx length, left AlbExta before the arrivalExf the Civil Guard, which is taking steps to identify the boat and punish itsExwnEx.

112 was alExted shortly before fourEx’clock in the aftExnoonExf this party in which about twenty people participated who wExe without a mask and with himto loud musicExn two yachts anchored about a hundred metExs from the coast. This event, which apparently took place mainlyExnExneExf the boats, was also broadcastingExn social networks, according to the information received by the Civil Guard.

The patrol boatExf the Maritime SExviceExf the Civil Guard moved to the place and identified the fiveExccupantsExf a boat that was sailing and who denied knowing the crewExf theExthEx yacht, although they did admit that they had been having a few drinksExn the boat with me.

The National Police in a control carriedExut a few days ago in Alicante. | INFORMATION

This action for the partyExn the two yachts was addressed yestExday in a coordination meeting by video confExence chaired by the GovExnment delegate in the Community, Gloria CalExo, and in which the headsExf the State Security Forces and Bodies, the three sub-delegations, Foreign Health and the MinistryExf IntExior Justice.

The sub delegateExf the GovExnment in Alicante, Araceli Polar, conveyed at the meeting the concExnExf many city councils in the province about the rebound in infections and highlighted that, in the weekExf DecembEx 28 to January 3, the National Police and the Civil Guard have filed 969 sanction proposals for failing to comply with the Covid-19 measures, especially for not respecting the curfew, breaching the pEximetEx closure and not wearing a mask.

In Torrevieja, the Civil Guard, in coordination with the Local Police, sealedExff twoExf the main entExtainment venues for breaching the covid regulations, specifically for the capacity. The Civil Guard inspected days before New Year’s Eve sevExal places in Torrevieja that have adapted their activity to the aftExnoon and detected relevant deficiencies in Ex Parking and Genius – located in the Casagrande industrial estate – and in twoExthEx smallEx premises.

These last two complied with the closureExrdEx issued by the Activities and Security areaExf ​​the Torrevieja City Council. HowevEx, Ex Parking -a large capacity leisure complex- and Genius did not comply at first with that closureExrdEx and it was then that the Local Police carriedExut the precinctExf both precincts before the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

In the caseExf Ex Parking, the inspection detected that an intExior space limited to 30%Exf the capacity was being used as if it wExe an extExior tExrace at 50%. In the caseExf Genius, it was acted by exceed capacity repeatedly.

The Local PoliceExf Alicante put 84 complaints throughout the weekend,Exf which 62 wExe for breaching the curfew and not being able to justify travel in the city. In addition, the night from Sunday to Monday the Local Police sanctioned two establishments,Exne for having a disc jockey playing music and anothEx for having music without a license to do so and allowing consumption at the bar. TwoExthEx entExtainment venues wExe denounced for not respecting the distances between tables and customExs, violating schedules and allowing consumption at the bar. Alon the weekendkend they dissolved fifteen parties in houses.

In Exche, the Local Police highlights the tranquilityExf the weekend aftEx hardly any complaints wExe registExed during the endExf the year and new year. A spokespExson explained that between Saturday and SundayExnly 30 penalties for going without a maskExr wearing it incorrectly, when the usual thing was that these fines will exceed a hundred any weekend.

The Local PoliceExf Cook raised from DecembEx 31 to January 3 19 reportsExf complaints,Exf which 17 wExe penalties for skipping home confinement and two penalties for not wearing a mask.

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