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The Civil Guard gathered evidence of the participation of ‘Anboto’ in the murder of a postman in 1985

Soledad Iparraguirre 'Anboto'.

Soledad Iparraguirre ‘Anboto’.

Several civil guards have declared in the trial that they managed to gather evidence that the former head of ETA Soledad Iparraguirre, Anboto, He participated in 1985 in Amurrio (Álava) in the murder of a postman whom the terrorist gang considered a confidant of the security forces.

The National Court has started the trial for this cause on Tuesday in which Anboto, who is facing a request from the prosecutor of 39 years in prison, has refused to testify.

This trial is held after last February the Supreme Court confirmed the 122 years in prison imposed on Anboto for ordering the assassination of the Army Commander Luciano Cortizo in 1995 in León when a limpet bomb exploded under the seat of his car when he was driving with his daughter, who was seriously injured.

The high court thus ratified the judgment of the National Court in the first trial that Anboto faced in Spain after being delivered in 2019 by France, where it already served several sentences since she was arrested in 2004 in the Gallic country, to be tried for twelve cases opened by the Spanish justice.

According to the provisional conclusions of the prosecutor in the trial that began this Tuesday, in which the Victims of Terrorism Association prosecutes, Anboto was a member of ETA’s Araba command in 1985 along with the already convicted Juan Carlos Arruti Azpitarte and José Javier Arizcuren Ruiz and another terrorist.

He adds that they decided to kill a postman whom they considered a police confidante, for which they went to Amurrio, where around ten minutes to eight in the morning Arruti and another member of the command robbed a car at gunpoint and put its owner in the trunk, to later pick up Anboto and Arizcuren.

The prosecutor says that the ETA members intercepted the march of the postman when he was cycling to work like every day, in such a way that Anboto, Arruti and Arizcuren They surrounded him and the last two fired three shots at him with their pistols, which killed the victim.

The terrorists fled and left the car abandoned in the Larrumbe cemetery with its owner locked in the trunk, of which managed to get out after about twenty minutes.

Several Civil Guards who participated in the research They have stated in the trial that the defendant participated in the terrorist campaigns of the Araba command of 1985 and 1987 and that between 1993 and 1998 she was the head of the ETA legal commandos from France, already under the alias of Anboto.

The agents have indicated that when Juan Carlos Arruti was arrested in 1989 near the Irún tollbooth (Guipúzcoa) when he was going to France, he declared thate Anboto participated in the actions of the command of those years, which was also corroborated by its collaborators.

They have added that they were also identified two Anboto footprints in the car used by the terrorists in the murder of the postman.

The exetarra Jose Angel Biguri He has acknowledged that he welcomed members of the command into his Llodio hamlet between 1985 and 1987 and that when he was arrested he indicated that the accused was part of it.

For his part Juan Carlos Arruti, who has also appeared as a witness, has said that he implicated Anboto as a member of the command because he was forced to say so in his statement before the Civil Guard.

“I don’t know her for being part of the command. I fell with other people and a lot of people passed by “, Arruti has assured in relation to Soledad Iparraguirre.

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