Monday, December 11

The Civil Guard has issued 51 fines in Extremadura during the transport strike

Until last Tuesday, Civil Guard agents had processed 51 sanction proposals in Extremadura for truckers who are currently on a transport strike due to high fuel prices and other expenses.

According to data from the Government Delegation, a total of 1,100 law enforcement officers work these days “within the necessary device to guarantee citizen security, freedom of movement and the supply of basic products in the face of the transport bosses’ strike and actions against violent character carried out by a small minority of the participants in the protests”. However, the Delegation emphasizes that most of the actions of the strike are being carried out in accordance with the rules and in a peaceful manner.

However, the authorities have not reported the total number of detainees. At least there have been three, of which he has reported TODAY. On Wednesday of last week a man was arrested in the Almendralejo industrial estate for throwing a stone at a truck.

In the following days there were two others, one for stoning a Cofares truck in Mérida that was carrying pharmaceutical products, and the other for assaulting a truck driver in Olivenza.

Pedro Sánchez agrees to close the agreement with the carriers this Thursday

Yesterday, several units of the Civil Guard of Cáceres escorted a truck from the Food Bank of Cáceres loaded with some 3,000 kilograms of meat preparations.

The vehicle was altruistically donated by a company to be able to carry out the transport, and it left the city of Cáceres escorted at all times by the Civil Guard, from where it went to the facilities of a meat company located in Peraleda de la Mata.

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Once there, the truck was loaded with nearly 3,000 kilograms of different meat preparations that this company has donated to the Cáceres Food Bank.

PP support

Meanwhile, the provincial president of the Badajoz PP, Manuel Naharro, has shown his party’s support for all the sectors that are demonstrating these days “to defend their rights” and “the bread of their house”, and has asked ” certain” PSOE officials, including the Government delegate, Yolanda García Seco, that “do not insult them” and “much less threaten them.”

Specifically, he has asked “certain” PSOE officials and “among them” the Government delegate “not to insult them, that unless with their work they cannot guarantee income for their homes, not to insult them and much unless he threatens them”, he has abounded.

“What we truck drivers earn is not enough to live on”

At this point, Naharro has referred to “sanction proposals that are reaching the homes of many truckers in our province and our region”, “threatening them” that if they continue they could have fines of up to 3,000 euros. «3,000 euros? 3,000 euros to working people who get up every day to earn bread from home and who, because of the prices of this Government that does not intervene and does nothing to lower them, cannot take bread for their home,” he stated.

Finally, the presidents of APAG Extremadura Asaja, Juan Metidieri, and Asaja APAG Cáceres, Ángel García Blanco, have shown this Wednesday their support for the demands and mobilizations of the carriers, and have accused the Government of “being to blame for the problems because of the lack of solutions”.

And it is that “it cannot be that all sectors coincide in going out into the street, as was seen in Madrid last Sunday or we are seeing now, something that is caused by the current Government of Spain,” said Metidieri, who has pointed out who share “all their demands, because their requests are like ours”.

Minimum services

However, he has called for “minimum services to be guaranteed, because we cannot allow our cattle to die on farms due to lack of food,” said the president of APAG Extremadura Asaja, who has asked for a commitment that access to the transport of animals and raw materials.

As he has pointed out, what is happening “is not the result of chance”, but “a consequence of the current government and the policies it is carrying out, to which is added an authoritarian attitude”, this organization points out in a press release.

In this sense, Metidieri has lamented that instead of sitting down to listen with the affected sectors, “what they are doing is insulting”, since “now the carriers, before the farmers and ranchers and when others are there, it will also be their turn ».

For his part, Ángel García Blanco considered that “it cannot be that there is money for certain social policies, to which 20,000 million euros are allocated, and then there is none for the productive sectors”, after which he criticized the unions and his latest statements, “demonizing the groups that demonstrate”, which he has asked to “rectify, because otherwise it will be very difficult to continue working with them.”

Lastly, both have agreed to criticize the work of the Government delegate in Extremadura who “only comes out to insult and disqualify” doing her work as a “political mercenary” for which they have asked her to show restraint and to stop insulting and disqualifying the sectors that “we are in the street, tired of working at a loss”, Metidieri pointed out.

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