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The Civil Guard tightens the siege on Ximo Puig’s brother for the collection of subsidies




The Civil Guard tightens the fence on Francis Puig, brother of the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, and his partners in communication companies. According to the information to which you have had access ABC, The Economic Crimes Team has sent an official letter to the Valencia investigating court, which investigates alleged irregularities in the subsidies to the companies Comunicacions dels Ports and Mas Mut, directed by the brother of the president of the Generalitat, and Kriol, Canal Maestrat and TV CS Retransmisions, owned by the Adell Bover family.

The civil Guard I had already requested last February the invoices in which the amounts of the invoices received for the promotion of Valencian by the aforementioned companies were justified.

Now in a office dated June 22, claim the original invoices or supporting copies of the expenses. The daily books of accounts for fiscal years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 were claimed from the commercial registers of Castellón and Teruel, but they have not been able to be sent to the investigators to date.

In the specific case of Mas Mut, the Francis Puig company, the daily books have not been submitted for legalization since 2009.

The Civil Guard investigates whether Francis Puig and the Adell Bovers used the same invoices to justify aid from the Generalitat Valenciana and the Catalan Government. So now you want to have the originals.

The court of instruction number four of Valencia investigates the aid received by Francis Puig and the Adell Bovers through their network of companies. Mas Mut Produccions, Comunicacions dels Ports, Kriol Produccions, Canal Maestrat and Nova CB.

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In this case, the judge investigates a alleged fraud in aid to promote Valencian by the Generalitat “without any kind of control” after a complaint filed by the PP.

The cause is pending the report of the Civil Guard requested by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office to determine whether the group of companies falsified the subsidized expenses through crossed invoices to justify the destination of public aid. In this context, the new official letter sent to the court is found so that the companies involved can provide their invoices.

In fact, the Civil Guard understands that access to the daily account books results «necessary for the clarification of the facts ” and it is “the only effective measure”, as stated in the letter sent by the court.

The PP accuses the brother of Ximo Puig and its partners to use a business network to defraud 1.21 million euros to various Administrations and places the global fraud at about two million euros.

The cartel of the production companies led by Francis Puig, brother of the President of the Generalitat, and the Adell Bover brothers, was sanctioned at the beginning of the year by the Valencian Government Competition Commission for agreeing on prices to win a contest on the regional television À Punt.

“The case of the Puig brothers smells worse every time”

This Monday, the spokesperson for the popular group in the Valencian Courts, Eva Ortiz, has denounced that the judicial scandals “surround the PSPV and Puig”, in reference to the public subsidies to the brothers of the president, to the Azud case, where the socialist parliamentary spokesman is exercising the codefense of the considered leader of the plot, or to the Ellis Foundation, linked to the husband of the minister Carolina Pascual, who also allows public subsidies.

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In this sense, Eva Ortiz has indicated that “The case of the Puig brothers smells worse every time” after the Civil Guard claimed the original invoices for the subsidies received and the account books of Francis Puig’s companies that had been out of date for a decade. The opacity of the subsidies contrasts with the favorable treatment and the privileged relationship with the administration of the cartel companies formed by relatives of the President ”.

“Puig can do all the escapism tricks you want, but the facts are there. If the President had nothing to hide, he would show his face and appear to give explanations, he cannot continue looking the other way ”, he pointed out.

In the opinion of the PPCV spokesperson in the Valencian Parliament, “it is not supported by any side that in the case of the brothers various Councils are dotted, that the case is in court and that the Civil Guard demands the subsidy invoices and that Puig remains silent as if nothing were with him ”.

The popular spokeswoman has asked Puig to “come out to give explanations and to order once and for all that the apparatus of the Generalitat ceases to obstruct with all kinds of tricks access to documentation. The more that is known about the progress of the investigations, the more the pieces of the corruption puzzle of an organized plot to hunt subsidies fit together and that show that the Puig family has been lining up since he arrived at the Generalitat ”.

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Enough of the moral superiority of the left. With what they have demanded of others and the lessons they have given, Puig should appear immediately and submit to questions from the parliamentary groups ”, Eva Ortiz has indicated.

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