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the classic from a new perspective

  • The Argentine base, one of the four reinforcements arriving at the Palau, is one of the protagonists of the unusual transfer of the Barça-Madrid airlift

  • “I am quite critical and self-demanding. It is what has made me come to a team that aspires to win everything,” says the brand new Barça signing

Few doubt that the classics among Barça and Madrid will be a constant this season, both in the ACB like in the Euroleague. Nothing out of the ordinary. But this year they will have an additional point of morbidity due to the unusual transfer of the airlift that has carried the exzulgranas in a few months Heurtel and Hanga to dress in white now Nicolas Laprovittola (Morón, Argentina, January 31, 1990) to settle with his wife and daughter Bruna, barely months, in Barcelona, ​​after two years under the orders of Pablo Laso.

“I guess I will live it in a special way. I am also struck by how they receive me. But I am not the first or the last to follow that path ”, says the talented point guard who in the 18/19 season, in the ranks ofyouth, achieved the MVP of the season in the ACB. “When the offer from Barça came to me, the truth is that I was no longer interested in any other option. I left all the others in the background. My contract with Madrid had already ended and I decided that the best thing for my career and for my family was to continue in Spain ”.

For Laprovittola, the Barça It will be a new challenge in his career, in which he already accumulates a dozen clubs and some dabbling in the NBA, with the Spurs. On the one hand there will be the competition with two other pure bases of the squad, such as Calathes and Jokubaitis. On the other, show that you can make a great team play without as much prominence with the ball as in the game. Pain, and in its final stage in the Madrid, already liberated by the march of Campazzo.

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“It’s what a lot of people think, what can I say! I am relaxed. I can help the team and do what they ask of me, adapt to the defensive rules they ask of me. That’s why I’m here and they choose me. The Barça He already knew me, they know what I do right and what I do wrong. Nobody has given me anything ”, he assures Lapro, as you have already baptized Jasikevicius, because his name Nico, is reserved for Mirotic. “Maybe he doesn’t transmit as much as Saras, who is passionate. I am a little calmer. But I am also quite self-critical and demanding. This is what brought me to where I am and to get to a team that aspires to win everything ”.

Healthy competition

Sure of his strength, already struggling in his selection, Argentina, with which he had a prominent role in Tokyo (13.8 points, 4 assists), before falling into the quarterfinals with Australia, the Olympic bronze, Laprovittola shares the ambition and goals of the Barça team. “The most important players continue, the coach continues, and if we follow the same line of work as last year, in which the team went from less to more, we must continue looking for great things: to play the ‘final four’ of the Euroleague, win it, play the ACB play-offs, win them, win the Cup … ”

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Laprovittola is hurt by the defeat in the final of the Super Cup last Sunday (“we had better moments than the Madrid, but the ones who left with the anger were us. I think it’s much more on our account than on them ”, he assures) but he is convinced of the virtues of the squad. “We need time, we are four new ones plus the young people. All of us who have come have a complementary role, but we can add. We are a versatile and complete team ”, values ​​the Argentine base, who also considers the competition with Calathes and Jokubaitis. “They are three different basic styles, but I think we are complementary. That’s where Saras’s job comes in to choose each one at a time ”, he points out and assures that the coach is clear about what his role should be. “He has asked me to be aggressive, to play fast, for the team to run the court. Play it for me? It depends on the moment. It is being there and adding ”.

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