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The collapse of a treatment plant in El Campello causes damage to the N-332

The sewage treatment plant sealed by sinking.

The sewage treatment plant sealed by sinking.

The Ministry of Transport warns that the collapse that a treatment plant in El Campello is suffering is affecting the stability of the N-332 road and calls for measures to prevent it from going any further. The General Directorate of Roads in a report dated October 28, has warned the City Council that damage has been detected on the road that is directly linked to the treatment plant. A station that is a few meters away and is kept sealed around its perimeter due to the risk of subsidence. In addition, a breakdown caused a spill last September.

On the other hand, from the Generalitat, which carries out the maintenance of the station through the Public Entity of Sanejament d’Aigües Residuals (Epsar), they have told this medium that it is not clear that the origin is in the treatment plant.

The Ministry’s report explains that it has been found “that the settlement of the natural ground in the treatment facility has caused settlement on the road platform, causing the deformation of the slope and cracking.” For this reason, «given the existing risk situation for the integrity of the infrastructure», he demands that the Town Council adopt immediately «the necessary measures to stop the evolution of the pathology detected on the road and that they inform this Roads Unit what repair actions and in what period of time they plan to carry out to correct the damages produced in the road embankment ”.

According to Roads, on October 26, 2020, the appearance of a settlement at kilometer point 129,300, right bank, of the N-332 road, with deformation of the slope and the presence of cracks in the road, accompanied by the beginning of widespread instability in the embankment slope. “At the point where this pathology has been detected, the road runs on an embankment, at the foot of which, on the same margin where the instability has occurred, there is a wastewater treatment facility of the El Campello City Council” .

Seat on the N-332. J.A.RICO

And he points out that «once the area was inspected by technicians from this Highway Unit, it is found that in the area where the municipal facility is located there is a generalized settlement of the land. Despite the fact that with a visual inspection it is not possible to determine exactly the causes of it, apparently it may have its origin in the abnormal operation of the filtering well into which the effluent is discharged or in the filtration from the buried tanks.

But he adds that “in any case, it is found that the settlement of the natural terrain in the purification facility has caused settlement on the road platform, causing deformation of the slope and cracking.” The point where these damages are found on the N-332 is shortly after the access to Venta Lanuza, in the direction of La Vila.

For its part, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition pointed out to this newspaper that “the Ministry itself recognizes that the cause of the damage is not proven in the absence of a geotechnical study to determine its origin.” And the mayor of Environment and Services, Julio Oca (Cs) pointed out that he is aware of the positions of the Ministry and the Ministry, and that both administrations must agree to clarify what is happening, remembering that although the treatment plant is municipally owned, its management is assigned to the Generalitat and therefore it is its responsibility.

Fecal spillage

Precisely this facility was the subject of controversy at the end of September, after there was a discharge of fecal matter through the drainage ditch that the facility has for emergencies. At first it denied that there had been any problem, although in a subsequent visit to the complex of municipal representatives, Epsar acknowledged that there was a breakdown, a breakdown of the bacteria oxygenation system, although it assured that this occurred six days after publish this medium the US complaint about the spills.

The US linked these discharges from the sewage treatment plant called Venta Lanuza, located on the promenade that goes to Cala Palmeretes, to the problems of contamination by fecal matter that this sandy area has suffered for years, something that has been ruled out by Epsar.

On the other hand, other sources indicate that the origin of the discharges from the beach could be in the pumping station that is in the cove itself, and that it raises the sewage to the Lanuza treatment plant.

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