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The coming and going of Marivent | Today

The Kings, together with Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, in Mallorca, in 2019. / afp

The King arrived this Thursday at his summer residence, which this year will be the scene of the traditional reception for Majorcan society for the first time

These days Marivent is a back and forth, a hustle and bustle of comings and goings that have the entire prominent social press in Mallorca on edge. Because, unlike in airports, there is no information panel here. Arrivals and departures are not announced. Reporters live on rumor and speculation until reality overwhelms them. This is what has happened with the presence of the infantas Elena and Cristina and four of their children who, against all odds, have landed on the island this week and have taken over the summer palace. There they were received by the Queen Emeritus, delighted to have her daughters and four of her grandchildren with her.

This Thursday, around half past one in the afternoon, the King landed in Palma, who today has a hearing scheduled with the Balearic authorities. He arrived alone. The Queen and her daughters are expected throughout the weekend. Letizia plans to preside over, just like last year, the closing ceremony of Palma’s Atlántida Film Fest on Sunday night. If Felipe VI met his sisters and nephews in Marivent upon his arrival, it is something that has not transpired. However, it is assumed that, as usual, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía will not coincide with her cousins, nor Queen Letizia with her sisters-in-law. Which turns Marivent into a frenzy of comings and goings. Or, as José Mota would say in traditional language, the Bourbons who enter for those who leave…

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It had been nine years since the Infanta Cristina had been seen in Mallorca. The last time the former Duchess of Palma stayed at the summer royal residence was in 2013 and she arrived without Iñaki Urdangarin, who already had problems with the law. Still in the process of mourning the recent separation from her husband, caused by a flagrant and sharp infidelity of his that occupied many covers, Cristina has chosen to keep a low profile during her stay on the island. Her sister Elena de ella, who flew from Palma to Madrid on Tuesday to attend the funeral of her cousin Sonia de Morales de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, has also taken it easy.

However, Froilán de Marichalar, his sister Victoria and his cousins ​​Pablo and Miguel Urdangarin, have organized some outings to enjoy the sea and the fashionable places, like good twentysomethings. On Tuesday they went to dinner at the port of Calanova, in whose sailing club they all learned to sail as children, a tradition that their cousins ​​Leonor and Sofía have inexplicably not followed…

The four young people left the premises around 11:30 at night. True to his style, Froilán starred in the first Bourbon anecdote of the summer by trying to leave the parking lot where he had left the car without success. Apparently he had lost the ticket and asked other drivers and parking attendants for help, to the impassiveness of his sister, who was in the front seat, and her cousins. In the end the blood did not reach the river and in a short time they were able to solve it.

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The Royal Family is expected to stay in Mallorca for about ten days. As in previous summers, it is very likely that they will pose in an emblematic enclave on the island. The King will hold his traditional summer audience with the President of the Government this Tuesday and the rest of the week he will compete with Aifos in the Copa del Rey Mapfre de Vela, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this summer.

Almost certainly this August will not be the once inevitable inn of Marivent. However, as if the royal comings and goings weren’t already busy enough, the summer residence will be the scene for the first time of the traditional reception of the King and Queen of Majorcan civil society, a meeting that until now took place in La Almudaina. The cocktail will be held on Thursday, August 4, at nine o’clock at night, and is interpreted as one more step in the progressive opening of Marivent to the public, something like an ‘assault’ on the summer palace, but in a version kiss hands

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