The municipalities do not escape: they suffer everything and everything affects them in their own flesh. If there is a lack of water, they suffer with their farmers. If freight rates go up and raw materials are lacking, their industries suffer. If they are tourists, they suffer when they have to serve ten times their population. If a pandemic hits, they spend what they don’t have. If you have to provide improper skills, the situation is reminiscent of that joke: you pay, which makes me laugh. Two mayors told me that the law prevents them from paying for ambulances: but you have to pay for them because the hospital is 30 kilometers from your town and you cannot allow your neighbors to die waiting. Therefore, it is surprising that our municipalities and their mayors still want to look to the future, and dream of Mr. Marshall from the “Next Generation”, as in the Berlanga movie, no one knows if they will pass by … For now Everyone wants a campus, a smart city, two industrial estates, two museums and many cultural activities. And it is good that they ask and that they write their letter to the Three Wise Men, who are not the parents, but sometimes they seem to be University Rectors. They deserve that this second pending decentralization brings them everything they ask for. And that someone finally treat them, as Arcadi Spain said, as institutions of legal age that do not deserve to be in that kind of effective economic protection that they now suffer with their current financing.

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Highlights there were many yesterday at EUIPO. But without any doubt the will of the Port to link even more to the city center and link the docks with a risky floating restaurant, which would be reached by a shuttle governed by artificial intelligence, took the cake. He did not lag behind the meeting of the two former rectors of the UA, Andrés Pedreño and Manuel Palomar, They showed a common project of 1MillonBot and CENID to create “Artificial Geo Intelligence”, a large database with all kinds of information digested by AI that can be consulted by a chatbot.

Here are some of our featured headlines from the Municipal Forum:

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