Sunday, October 1

The Commanders’ trade for Carson Wentz is a desperate move

If you wanted an idea of just how thin and desperate the quarterback market is, look no further than what the Commanders did on Wednesday, trading a handful of mid-round picks to the Colts for the right to be the third coaching staff to try to get Carson Wentz back on track.

Sometimes, after weeks in the desert without food and drink, we start to imagine ice cold Yeti coolers full of spring water and buffet trays full of chicken and french fries. The Commanders might not be there yet, but they, like the Colts, are choosing to see Wentz as the MVP candidate in a high-percentage RPO offense and not the prospect who was mismanaged, underdeveloped and forced into brain-scrambling hero ball for the better part of two seasons. Not the quarterback who heavily contributed to an epic spiral and loss to the Jaguars that saw a promising Indianapolis team with the best running game in football bounced out of the playoffs.

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