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The compass as a subject in Ibi

Get to know nature, the main environmental and heritage sites of Ibi and promote the sport of orientation in schools, these are the objectives of the project that the Ibi City Council and the CEAM-O they will take it to the ibense schools. For this, the municipal council and this section of the Hiking Center of the Friends of the Mountains will make the different cartographic maps of the schools of Ibi, the urban area and the most important environmental zones adjacent to the municipality. When they have all the material Training for Physical Education teachers will begin so that they can include this practice in the planning of the subject for the next school year.

The schools will have at their disposal a basic orientation kit and all the maps of the different areas of the municipality. | INFORMATION

Fifteen years ago the CEAM-O of Ibi began its career in orientation, a sport that although in the municipality does not register bad figures is unknown by many, a fact that means that they cannot try it and thus start their practice. That is why the Sports area of ​​the Ibi City Council and together with the Club Amics de les Muntanyes is going to carry out this project to take it to schools and that Physical Education teachers know this discipline and can teach it initially . In the first phase of the project, as explained by Ventura Galera, member of the CEAM-O of Ibi “Cartographic maps of the school yards and their surroundings are being made so that they are available to students, and an orientation starter kit will also be purchased for each center.”

The compass as a subject in Ibi

Once all the material is available for use, Ventura assures us that «we will begin the training phase for Physical Education teachers in Iberian schools; For a long time, many have been demanding to have knowledge in this discipline to be able to execute it in their centers and now we are going to provide them with the basic concepts so that they at least do an initiation ».

At the private activities that each center can carry out during the school year from the CEAM-O of Ibi they plan to take some of the inter-regional league tests to the facilities of the educational centers so that the students can witness the sport in the competitive mode and that they see the size that it reaches and the number of people who participate from other neighboring municipalities and cities such as Alcoy and Onil.

Orientation and tourism

The cartographic maps will also be available to any resident of Ibi or visitor on a digital platform, yet to be defined so that anyone who wants to practice orientation and know the key places in Ibi can do so in a particular way. On the other hand, as Ventura argued, “from the association we are open to any entity, school or association that wants us to help them and start in this sport; in fact we have already trained some companies that have wanted their employees to know this sport».

The representative of the sports entity assured that «bringing this sports discipline closer to the schools will be beneficial for us and for the students, but above all it will give the opportunity to get to know areas of the municipality that many schoolchildren do not know or frequent very little It is a boost to sport but also an injection for tourism and local heritage ”.

The mayor of Sports Pepe Palau, indicated that «we continue to focus many projects on developing grassroots sports and continuing to offer different sports offers to children and young people in the town, with different possibilities and adapted to their growth. We want to ensure that the foundations of their sports base are strong and make their practice a healthy and beneficial habit for their physical and mental health and at the same time that they learn about other less popular disciplines but with great sports bases ”.

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