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The competitions of the Generalitat generate more than a thousand resources

Most of the allegations that the Ministry is aware of have to do with disagreements regarding the wording of the questions or the answers offered in the multiple choice exercises. In fact, the bulk of the allegations are concentrated in the first exercises, while only a dozen refer to the second exams. Although most of these allegations are resolved without affecting the opposition process, they involve a significant volume of work for the people who make up the selection bodies, that is, the courts made up largely of civil servants.

Conflict has been more pronounced in the calls to fill positions with an environmental profile


However, on occasions, applicants are not satisfied with the decision of these bodies and present an appeal. The Ministry of Justice, which drives the competitions of the entire Generalitat, except those related to teaching and health personnel, has already accounted for a total of 254 administrative resources generated in recent years. It is the Ministry itself that must resolve them.

The different calls for the public employment offer relating to the 2018 financial year are the ones that have generated the most conflict. Thus, they have generated a total of 243 administrative resources. For its part, the selection process related to 2017 only gave rise to one appeal, while, up to the date of the count, there was no record of any complaint of these characteristics in the 2019 OPE calls. It should be noted that there are calls that do not generate discrepancies, while others accumulate numerous resources.

Professional associations have gone to court eleven times since 2015


The same goes for the mountain of allegations that the selection bodies have to face. There are calls for vacancies that generate numerous complaints. Thus, for example, the call for C1 positions for environmental agents gave rise to 74 allegations, while the calls to reinforce the workforce in social work and environmental inspection were not peaceful, calls that exceeded fifty allegations. The positions for environmental evaluation, those of superior medical technician, as well as for environmental administration have not been peaceful either and there have been allegations for the development of the selection processes.


When the discrepancy persists, the process can end in an appeal to the courts and the conflict takes longer to resolve. Thus, professional associations have historically ended up raising administrative contentious appeals. From 2015 to the present, a total of nine resources have been presented corresponding to the colleges of public works engineers, industrialists, librarians, agricultural technical engineers, physiotherapists and geographers. The causes are varied and often have to do with issues of required qualifications or syllabi. The most recent resources are two: that of the official college of draftsmen and technical designers of Valencia presented a contentious-administrative appeal against the order of the Ministry by which the selective tests for access to the superior body of industrial technical engineering are convened (the call 140/18). The college argues that the order, by requiring as a requirement the title of bachelor or training cycle in medium degree of vocational training instead of the higher degree violates European regulations. The appeal was dismissed by the Ministry, so the matter is in court.

For its part, the college of industrial engineers maintains a contentious-administrative appeal against the provisional list of people admitted to call 49/18 for the higher engineering body.


810 Claims of the applicants

The allegations, mostly discrepancies due to the drafting of questions, are resolved by the technical selection bodies, that is, the opposition courts.

254 Appeals before the Ministry itself

When the decision of the courts is not convincing, those affected can file an appeal before the Ministry. The next step is to go to Justice.

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