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The complex will be a technological, socio-cultural and educational center open to citizens

Rescue the essence of what was the whole of the Old Tobacco Factory, with a built space of 41,000 square meters, looking at the contemporary at the same time, and opening the walls to the public, in the literal sense of the term, are the axes of this proposal presented yesterday by the architect Ramón Esteve, which defined it as a “backbone for the city and the surrounding neighborhoods”, with a “driving effect of economic and social activity”.

The master plan, carried out by the UTE RE_CIVI and whose presentation was attended by the mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, in addition to the Councilors for Project Coordination, Antonio Peral, and the Councilor for Urban Planning, Adrián Santos, contemplates four phases for the comprehensive recovery of the Old Tobacco Factory.

Antonio Peral, Luis Barcala, Ramón Esteve and Adrián Santos, during the presentation. REE

The first of them, which focuses on rehabilitation and conditioning for new uses of the central building, With about 6,400 square meters built and 3,000 of outdoor areas in the front and inner side of the complex, it is expected to go out to tender this year and that the works will be completed by the end of 2022, to meet the investment deadlines set for the use of the Edusi funds, which allocate a total of 4,700,000 euros for the whole set.

In the building will be enabled spaces for coworking, social uses, Edusi offices, exhibitions, multipurpose room, tourist promotion offices, cafeteria and library, and the cloisters will be used as rest areas. Outside, “pergolas will be installed to provide light and shade with vegetation and aromas that create an almost tropical climate,” said Esteve.

The lateral area of ​​the building, in which the perimeter wall disappears. | REE

The second level, still without a bidding and execution date, intervenes on a total of 5,042 square meters of building and two car parks occupying 16,887 square meters, plus a restaurant. One of the fundamental actions will be the conditioning of the slope of the factory, where “part of the wall is removed, maintaining fragments like benches that offer different perspectives of the neighborhood, to open the way for people.” In this phase, a passage will also be set up that connects the neighborhood with the complex without having to go around it. Likewise, “the architectural recomposition” of the central interior patio is proposed.

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A total of 7,000 square meters make up the intervention of the step 3, destined to enable educational and sociocultural spaces. This includes the Drying Room, which will be covered with a vegetable pergola, because “we have made a commitment to incorporate green spaces into the complex.”

The last phase affects the rear of the complex, the area of ​​uneven terrain, in which it is intended to intervene to use the garden with access from the complex and from the upper part of the city, with the possibility of incorporating houses to serve the use of Cigarreras.

Virtual recreation of the outer space that is gained for public use with a restaurant. | REE

“From being a closed block that fragments the city and separates the neighborhoods, we want it to make a connection between San Antón and Carolinas Bajas”, pointed out the architect – also author of the recovery of the building converted into the Bombas Gens museum in València – that he intends to demolish part of the perimeter walls, giving the space to public use through open squares to its adjoining streets. Furthermore, Las Cigarreras will no longer have a rear façade and an urban barrier to merge with the city.

The master plan may undergo some minor modification, since it will undergo a new participatory process with neighborhood and professional proposals.

Master Plan An interior and exterior recovery | REE

Neighborhood recovery

For Mayor Luis Barcala, «the city of Alicante is going through a historic day, with the launch of the final phase of the action that will lead to the recovery of the Old Tobacco Factory to turn it into the sociocultural heart of the city and into the spearhead of the rrecovery of all the neighborhoods that surround the Cigarreras complex ”.

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In this sense, he recalled that “when we arrived at the municipal government it was at a very low level of execution, which did not reach 2 percent, which allows us to ensure that today we are taking the definitive step for the effective completion of the Edusi Cigarreras project and with This is the execution of the complete rehabilitation of the House of Mercy ».

For his part, the councilor responsible for Projects, Antonio PeralHe stressed that “we are going to put out to tender the execution of the rehabilitation of the Casa de la Misericordia and an intergenerational building in San Antón, which will reach 80% of the project execution. We are without a doubt one of the best Edusi in Spain ».

The works will go out to tender this year and they are expected to be completed by the end of 2022


The mayor of Urbanism, Adrián Santos Pérez, He highlighted the great importance that this initiative will have for the city of Alicante. “The project, in addition to enhancing the Cigarreras complex, represents a very important action in the heritage of our city.” The mayor also emphasized the economic and social impact that “the start-up of the Old Tobacco Factory will have, which will serve as a boost for all the surrounding neighborhoods and for the whole of Alicante.”

It was last December when it was awarded to Ramón Esteve the drafting of the Master Plan of Intervention and Uses for the Cigar makers and also the drafting of the basic and execution project for the rehabilitation of phase 1, for a total amount of 559,746 euros. And yesterday, the Governing Board approved an amount of 552,000 euros to put out to tender the project of protection and recovery interventions in the Cigarreras.

Within the global project Edusi Cigarreras, the planimetry survey and drafting of the demolitions for the typological recovery of the buildings of the old Tabacos factory has already been carried out, with a budget of 43,378 euros, as well as the execution of said project, for a value of 457,221 euros.

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The global project, with some 41,000 square meters built, affects the entire Las Cigarreras complex, but phase 1 will focus on the old Casa de la Misericordia and the exterior areas of the entrance and the side that faces the interior of the complex. just as the marked image shows. In total, this first performance covers about 6,400 square meters built and more than 3,000 of outdoor areas.


  1. House of Mercy. It comprises the oldest building, in addition to the immediate outdoor areas. It comprises more than 6,000 square meters distributed over three floors. They will be used for creative technological spaces, coworking, social uses, a library, an exhibition space, a multipurpose room, offices for promoting tourism and a cafeteria with a terrace.
  2. Three floors and parking. It works on a built area of ​​5,042 square meters and two car parks with 16,887 square meters. In the exterior area within the complex a restaurant is enabled and in the exterior area part of the perimeter wall is removed to open it to the public.
  3. Two-storey building and drying room. The built-up area is 7,000 square meters, which will be used for socio-cultural use. The refurbishment of the warehouses and the installation of a green roof in the Dryer are concluded.
  4. Equipment and housing. It corresponds to the intervention in the rear part of the complex, on the slope that has 5,818 square meters of unevenness, with vegetation. It is intended to open the perimeter wall to condition the garden as a union between the plot and the city. Possibility of building some houses for the use of the complex.

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