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The concerted considers a “provocation” that Isabel Celaá is ambassador in the Vatican




The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has proposed the former Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, as the next Spanish ambassador to the Vatican, once the Government receives the approval of the Holy See. This was confirmed to ABC by sources from the Executive and sources close to the former minister herself.

Celaá left the Government within the framework of the reshuffle made by the president, Pedro Sánchez, along with other ministers such as that of Science, Pedro Duque, or his then right-hand man, Iván Redondo. Celaá was replaced by Pilar Alegria after passing the Lomloe, better known as ‘Celaá law’, the only educational law of democracy that does not counted on the educational community in its parliamentary debate and that was answered in the streets by the concerted.

This sector has been (and is being) one of the most punished with the norm (both in the body of the law and in its development through decrees), as well as the Religion subject that suffered the ailments of the Government by not counting academic effects and run out of ‘mirror subject’ or alternative. Even so, Alegría made a ‘fix’ for this and the centers must organize activities so that students who do not want Religion do not go home and thus do not generate disaffection towards this matter.

For this reason, the concerted party considers Pedro Sánchez’s proposal a “provocation” and asks the Spanish Church to inform the Vatican of Celaá’s “background” in educational matters.

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“This appointment is between provocation and clumsiness,” he said. Jesus Muñoz de Priego, spokesperson for Más Plurales, the concerted platform created to deal with Lomloe. “However, I think that in reality it is just a prize, with a coveted position, for those who have worn themselves out politically by following point by point the maneuvers and strategies dictated by Pedro Sánchez on education, radicalizing the PSOE, as in so many other matters,” he added the lawyer who trusts that «the Spanish Church puts the Holy See in the background, on the profile of Celaá, which has shown itself as little moderate and very little dialogue, and has not hesitated to attack the survival of the subject of Religion, and with it religious freedom, already agreed, with enormous implantation of the Church Catholic among its headlines, and also with this undermining the freedom of education. At least so that he is not misled, that Celaá, more than his usual words about dialogue, is identified by his stern gesture and his political following.

For its part, Pedro Jose Caballero, President of the National Catholic Confederation of Parents and Parents of Students (Concapa) claims to be “totally against” the appointment. «We do not believe, after her tenure as Minister of Education and the pressure she put on the concerted, where she did not seek consensus at any time, they are her best letters to be able to carry out this mission and more with the Holy See where it has to have another mood, not the one she showed.

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Luis Centeno, Deputy General Secretary of Catholic Schools, considers that “for many, it may be a provocation, after all the processing of the Lomloe and the forceful response of society, led by More Plurals. In fact, it was terminated shortly thereafter.. It is somewhat striking that they now grant him a particularly sensitive position, where diplomacy and dialogue must prevail. Let’s hope that his new responsibility will be highlighted by the search for consensus and not by confrontation.

Begoña Thief of Guevara, president of the Confederation of Parents of Students (Cofapa) also considers it a “contradiction”. «The proposal surprises me; I think that diplomatic posts have a strong load of dialogue and the search for consensus, something that in the Minister of Education stage, Celaá did not show it. He added that, in any case, “if the Holy See gives its approval, it will develop it. I wish him the best in his good period and that it be enriching for Spain’s relations with the Vatican.

For its part, Jesus Pueyo, of the union of professionals of concerted, private education and attention to disability (FSIE) has indicated that they do not think the person «best suited to serve as ambassador to the Vatican“And have shown” their surprise at the appointment, taking into account the position of the Ministry of Education, under their direction, towards the subject of Religion and its teachers, in addition to their determination to place the State and administrations above parents with in relation to his children (both in relation to religion and in the subsidiary role that he assigned in his law to concerted education) ». They add that they are also struck by the proposal “taking into account the low predisposition to dialogue shown during his tenure.”

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