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The Confederation of Segura now proposes to give explanations about DANA from Orihuela

Deputies and mayors participate in one of the sessions of the DANA commission.  |  INFORMATION

Deputies and mayors participate in one of the sessions of the DANA commission. | INFORMATION

The Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS) wants to smooth things over with the Valencian Courts in light of what happened around the commission on the effects of DANA that devastated the Vega Baja in 2019. The basin organization has set itself the objective of resolving differences with the deputies integrated into the aforementioned commission, which includes representatives of the six political groups of the autonomous chamber. All of them hoped that the president of the CHS, Mario Urrea, would appear in parliament in January to address the causes and consequences of the fateful meteorological phenomenon. But that meeting never took place because the Confederation claimed that it is not subject to parliamentary control as it is an autonomous body of the State. That resounding sit-in generated a tsunami of criticism with direct attacks on the alleged “lack of transparency” of the CHS, headed after all by the central government. To solve this crossroads, Urrea will soon launch its own proposal: organize a telematic meeting from the headquarters that the CHS maintains in Orihuela; a space assigned, precisely, by the Generalitat.

What the CHS intends by moving to Orihuela the head of the demarcation where the disaster occurred, and also the four heads of unit of this organization – those who occupy the General Secretariat, the Hydrological Planning Office, the Technical Directorate and the Police Station. de Aguas-, is to star in a gesture of rapprochement that facilitates the institutional thaw. Sources close to the Confederation emphasize that, at this time, its legal cabinet is working on the drafting of a report that, presumably, will expose the causes why, according to them, Urrea cannot go directly to the Courts to appear in the aforementioned commission . They even insist that there are precedents that support this, after having rejected attendance at organized commissions in the Murcian assembly alleging the same reason.

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With this scenario, everything indicates that the proposal that Urrea will make to the DANA commission will be to appear to talk about the risks of flooding and prevention measures in the south of the province, although, probably, not in the framework meetings, but in a different context that would also serve to “provide all the information and documents that are requested,” state sources from the confederation. At the end of the day, that is a possible solution that satisfies certain political groups, some of which have refused to hold the meeting in the central offices of the CHS, in Murcia, because they are outside the Community.

Until a few weeks ago, Cs and Vox criticized Urrea’s non-appearance in Valencia while ensuring that they would accept a meeting in Orihuela because the important thing, at this point, is to collect data on what happened. More critics were then shown from Compromís and Unides Podem, who insisted that those responsible for the CHS should give explanations where appropriate, which is within the framework of the commission. The PSPV, for its part, seems to be willing to accept any solution that allows for the promotion of dialogue, obtaining answers and stopping the offensive against the Confederation, linked after all to the Executive of Pedro Sánchez.

With an outcome that remains to be seen, it would not be understood that the commission on DANA ends without listening to the basin body about what happened in an area where millions of dollars were lost and where three people were killed.

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Agriculture still owes the aid promised by the storm

The Ministry of Mireia Moià assures that the three million requested will be paid shortly

March 2020. The Ministry of Agriculture publishes a decree that regulates the bases for the delivery of aid to help compensate both the damage to infrastructures and the productive capacity of crops to farmers affected by the DANA of September of the previous year . February 2021. The department headed by Mireia Moià continues not to pay individual grants of up to 8,000 euros to compensate for the damages.

Almost a year has passed and Agriculture admits that it has not yet been possible to make the payments effective. They allege two reasons. The first, that the amount allocated to alleviate the situation, which amounted to 20 million euros, has been consigned in the budget for the current financial year, that is, no funds were reserved in 2020. Second, that the nearly 400 Applications received came through different registers and all of them had to be compiled and then urged those interested to correct various errors as long as no one was left out of the aid.

While the bureaucratic process continues to release the payments, the Ministry estimates that, in total, about three million euros will be entered among those affected. Thus, the remaining approximately 17 million – up to the 20 budgeted – will be used to repair water infrastructures and repair roads that were also damaged by the effects of DANA.

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