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The confessed author of the Zafra crime turned himself in at the barracks after killing the woman

An agent of the Civil Guard removes the handcuffs from the accused. / pakopi

He showed up voluntarily fifteen minutes later and the arresting officer says he felt “sorrowful and repentant”

Evaristo Fdez de Vega

He was not nervous, but the agent to whom the confessed author of the Zafra crime turned himself in did notice that he was “sorrowful and repentant.” “He had a little blood on his face, but not a lot,” explained the civil guard addressed by Manuel MMQ after fatally beating María Soledad SD

The agent offered these explanations in the second session of the trial that is being held this week at the Badajoz Provincial Court. “That day we received a call in which they told us that there had been an argument and about 15 minutes later Manuel appeared. He came stained with blood, I thought he had fallen. Then he began to tell me that sometimes women took him to an untenable situation and that he had killed her », continued the guard.

“I saw a coherent speech, nothing strange,” added a witness who provided valuable data in a trial that will enter a new phase this Wednesday when the experts who analyzed the evidence collected at the scene testify.

The chief sergeant of Citizen Protection of Zafra confirms that the Civil Guard barracks and the farm where the crime was committed are separated by “ten or fifteen minutes by car”, a fact valued by the defense lawyer, Emilio Cortés, because it shows that his client surrendered voluntarily.

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«I told him that if he recorded me I would break his mobile, the first blow I gave him on the arm»

The agents who guarded the detainee in those first hours affirm that Manuel had no chest injuries – on Monday he said that María Soledad managed to hit him in that part of the body with the bar – although he did ask to go to the doctor after speaking with his lawyer to be treated for a pain he felt in his chest, possibly derived from the anxiety he felt in a few moments in which he asked several guards if the judge would send him to prison. The agents also confirm that the stripping bar with which he is supposed to have hit the woman was found next to the body and that the phone with which the victim recorded Manuel was located in the tool room.

I was distressed

The defendant’s son also passed through the courtroom on Tuesday, explaining that the afternoon before the event he spoke with his father after María Soledad called him to tell him that it was necessary for a veterinarian to come to the farm to see his son. colt because he was very weak. Manuel’s son assures that that night he found his father very nervous about him and that he made him understand that he did not want to go near the farm at night because María Soledad scared him.

Another of the testimonies that were heard this Tuesday was that of a woman who lived in the house in which María Soledad later lived. She lived there for a year and a half and denied having had a romantic relationship with Manuel, although she did confirm that the man proposed to her -Manuel had divorced her five years earlier-, something that she did not accept. “He never insinuated that he wanted to have sex,” said this woman with the help of an interpreter who translated her words.

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