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The confession of Bárcenas | Spain

The former national treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas, sentenced in the Gürtel case After 29 years in prison, he has sent a letter to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office six days after the start of the trial that judges the illegal financing of the PP and where he sits as the main accused. The Prosecutor’s Office asks for five years in prison for misappropriation and falsification of documents.

Bárcenas explains in the letter, to which EL PAÍS has had access, his “will to collaborate with the Justice” in the different procedures “where there is a place”. Bárcenas tells the Prosecutor’s Office that on July 15, 2013, he already confessed to the judge the existence of a box b in the PP and the details of it, although that statement “could be broader, but it was not following the recommendation of the attorney”. Bárcenas explains to the Prosecutor’s Office that he showed Rajoy in 2009 the documents of the illegal financing of the PP and that the former president of the Government put them in a paper shredder without knowing that the treasurer had kept a copy. In addition, Bárcenas suggests in this statement that some donations could be linked to the award of contracts by PP administrations, a bribery crime that is still under investigation. The former treasurer assures that his silence in recent years was due to the promise that his wife, Rosalía Iglesias, would not go to prison.

What follows is a comprehensive summary of Bárcenas’s confession.

“The Popular Party promised me that my wife would not go to prison”

“My second statement in the piece of papers does not sympathize with this line of collaboration, since, with naivety, I accepted as good the promise that had been sent to me through intermediaries that my wife, Rosalía Iglesias, did not would enter prison as a result of the sentence of the piece of Epoca 1. In fact, I already stated in my statement of July 15, 2013 that I had received pressure in order to keep silent and not incriminate, or stain the good name of the that it was my party in view of the risk that my wife could go to prison. The guilty feeling of having been able to cause my wife to be at risk of losing her freedom and going to prison made me believe, innocently, in the promise – by the Popular Party – that a few months after this declaration of July 15 He told me that Rosa would not go to prison thanks to the steps that had been started. Hence, I signed -we could call- “peace” with said political party, withdrawing the complaint that I had filed for the destruction of the information contained in computers of my personal disposition, or of my labor claims in the labor jurisdiction as a result of my exit from the Popular Party ”.

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“I have found it discouraging to learn about Operation Kitchen”

If I had been able to remain silent because of what someone could come to understand as a misunderstood loyalty, the truth is that the knowledge of the facts that are being instructed in the Central Court 5 of the National Court has been discouraging, specifically in Operation Kitchen, which reveals the mounting of illegal monitoring and surveillance – not judicially agreed – and even, with the use of reserved funds ordered by senior officials of the then Government and belonging to the Popular Party, with the invaluable collaboration of senior officials police.

“They have stolen sensitive documentation from the Popular Party”

These actions have reached the point of achieving the theft of sensitive documentation from the Popular Party, of which the theft in my wife’s study where they disappeared is a good example pendrives and various papers that were compromising this piece and others that are being investigated in other pieces (…) I have been deprived of liberty for almost four and a half years, and this situation makes one think about the mistakes that I have been able to make in life, bad that I have been able to infer to the society fruit of a Spain in which everything was worth. I am aware of these mistakes and the pain inflicted on my wife and son. A suffering of which they are not deserving. All these circumstances have led me to present this letter and offer my collaboration with the courts.

“Since 1982 there was an institutionalized system of financing of the PP with perceptions in b”

Since 1982 there has been institutionalized a system of financing of the PP with perceptions in b that were made through donations (…) In 2008 there was income recorded in this parallel accounting of 1,000,000 euros of which around 900,000 euros were allocated charged to those B funds for the remodeling of the headquarters of the Popular Party in Madrid at number 13 Genova street. These funds -box b- were generally nurtured by donations or contributions made by people related to companies benefiting from important awards public. These donations were made with cash deliveries that were made directly to Álvaro Lapuerta, and I was present at some of them. (…) Lapuerta was the person designated to inform -if it were the case- the minister who was competent by reason of the work or service that the specific public award could affect.

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“There could be cases of donations in exchange for public contracts”

It is true that the vast majority of these donations were not of a finalist nature, understanding as finalist as consideration by percentage to the award of work or public service awarded, without prejudice to the fact that there may be some specific cases in which that motivation was present, that However, they are not prosecuted in this piece, but in another in which I offer to provide the appropriate collaboration.

“Rajoy was a perfect connoisseur of all these performances, I showed him the papers in his office and he destroyed them”

Don Mariano Rajoy was perfectly aware of all these actions, to the point that in 2009 we had a meeting in his office where I showed the papers of this B accounting, telling me how could I continue to keep all this compromising documentation, which ended, personally, destroying it in the shredding machine, without knowing that I kept a copy of this documentation, a large part of which has been taken from my wife’s study when they broke into it.

“Rajoy, Cospedal, Trillo, Cascos, Acebes, Arenas and Rato received salary supplements”

The people who received these salary supplements were specifically: Mariano Rajoy, Dolores de Cospedal, Federico Trillo, Pío García Escudero, Francisco Álvarez Cascos, Ángel Acebes, Javier Arenas, Rodrigo Rato and Jaime Ignacio del Burgo. These deliveries were made, personally, by Mr. Álvaro, -and sometimes by me- with my knowledge, since he instructed me to remove the cash from the safe located in my office with a periodicity that depended on the liquidity of the diverse box, so that he put them in an envelope in which he put the corresponding name.

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“There is a recording in which Álvaro Lapuerta talks about the deliveries, among others, to Mariano Rajoy”

There is a recording in the possession of a person -which I will point out in due course for reasons of procedural opportunity- that I have heard, in which Álvaro de Lapuerta in a recorded conversation with this person, with whom Álvaro had confidence, commented on these cash deliveries that were carried out monthly to these members of the PP, in which, among others, was expressly mentioned Mariano Rajoy.

“We negotiate to pay part of the works of Genoa 13 in b”

In the negotiations with the Unifica company, it was agreed to pay part of the execution of these works with money from box b, in order to dispose of said funds and at the same time obtain a discount of around 10% (…) These payments were not recorded or declared to the Treasury by the Popular Party. As for the payment in cash, it was destined, according to the conversations we had with Gonzalo Urquijo, at his discretion: to distribute it for the payment of its suppliers and its services. These amounts were delivered by me to Gonzalo Urquijo.

“We bought shares of Libertad Digital because it was akin to the ideas of the PP and the thesis of authorship of ETA on 11-M”

Regarding the subscription of Libertad Digital shares by Álvaro Lapuerta, for an approximate amount of 140,000 euros that took place at the end of 2004, said subscription was made by Álvaro with funds from box B, which asked me to I will provide them, and so I did, from the safe that was in my office. The reason why these shares were subscribed was as a result of the increase in capital stock that was carried out by Libertad Digital and because this medium was related to the ideas of the Popular Party and especially to the theses of ETA’s authorship in the attacks of 11-M that took place a few months before the subscription of these shares.


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