Tuesday, October 19

The Consell advances the curfew and limits Christmas to stop the rebound

Ximo Puig, in the center, between Mónica Oltra and Rubén Martínez Dalmau at yesterday's meeting.  In front of them, the councilor Barceló.

Ximo Puig, in the center, between Mónica Oltra and Rubén Martínez Dalmau at yesterday’s meeting. In front of them, the councilor Barceló.

Neither ten diners, nor curfew until 1.30, nor arrivals from other autonomies under the heading of relatives to celebrate the Christmas. The rebound in infections in the last week has changed the plan for the holidays that was announced 12 days ago and not only returns the measurements to the previous exit box, but also tighten some of the restrictions in the rest of the days, like the curfew.

Thus, as the president announced last night Ximo Puig and the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, after a meeting of the Interdepartmental Council, As of next Monday, the maximum time to circulate will be 11 at night, one hour less than today, although it will have the Except for the nights of 24 and 31 (Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve) where it will be allowed to circulate on the street until midnight.

What will have no exception will be the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community. It is forbidden to leave or enter the Valencian territory except to return home, as far as i know They close the windows that had been opened for the meeting with relatives of other autonomies. In fact, as the Consell has been influencing for days, the perimeter reinforcement will be requested because, according to Puig, circulation between territories is essential for the transmission of the virus.

Nor will there be greater permissiveness in social gatherings at Christmas dinners and meals. The maximum set will be 6 people, “In both public and private spaces”, a limit that is currently established for this type of meeting, although with an addition for holidays: the concentration of, at most, two groups of stable coexistence.

These measures represent an amendment to the plan announced just less than two weeks ago in order to stop social contacts as much as possible and place the Valencian Community as the first to expand restrictions due to the growth of cases. In the Valencian case, Puig indicated that it has been «the speed of growth of the contagion», Which for the fourth consecutive day have exceeded 2,000, which has forced the Consell to make these changes one week into Good night, for which he asked forgiveness.

“We do not like to generate uncertainties or correct measures we take,” explained Puig who justified that if the pandemic situation changes, “we have to adapt to it to combat it better, because it would be worse not to.” Therefore, he assured that it is “painful” for him to restrict Christmas, “but it is what we have to do, it is what we have to do out of prudence and responsibility.

The measures will come into force this coming Monday to, as indicated in the press conference, not to disrupt the plans for this weekend, which will run as normal as it was underway. since at the end of October the second wave began to feel strongly in the territory. According to the Minister Barceló, the infections began to subside on November 6 and after four weeks of decline, they rose again in early December.

The head of Health assured that in the absence of a more exhaustive analysis, the increase in transmission could have been due to a «relaxation in the measures» and it specified that 90% of the outbreaks had been in social and family gatherings. Thus, asked if any extra measure was to be taken for trade tonte the crowds seen on the occasion of Christmas shopping, he assured that “the gauges», but he returned “to emphasize individual responsibility.”

Despite the increase in cases and the fact that the restrictions will be stricter than a week ago, the “president” made it clear that the Community has had a lower incidence than the rest of Spain and said that it would be “unfair to blame anyone” . “Valencian society has done well,” he remarked.

“Hope in the vaccine”

These new restrictions come before the “great hope” posed by the vaccine. The head of the Consell announced that the Valencian Community is ready to receive, store and distribute 60,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine in the coming days. “We do not know the time or the day for the first vaccines, but we are ready,” said Puig.

Yesterday it was announced that the vaccination plan in the European Union and also in Spain will begin on December 27 after the European Medicines Agency advanced its meeting to assess the immunization proposal of the pharmaceutical company. With this, the “president” added that the vaccination plan “will be piloted by the same human team” as the flu team, but until then he begged “not to cheat and fall into the recklessness of skipping the restrictions.”


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