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The Consell allocates 20 million for reforms in schools and social investments in Elda

El Catí de Elda nursing home is immersed in the first major reform since its construction.  |

El Catí de Elda nursing home is immersed in the first major reform since its construction. |

The investments of the Generalitat Valenciana in Elda will reach 20 million euros next year. The autonomic budgets include different lines of action for the capital of Medio Vinalopó with a marked hegemony in the social and educational aspect. 2.1 million euros and 15 million euros are allocated to the Social Services area to carry out all kinds of reforms and improvements in 20 educational centers through the Building Plan. It should be noted, in this regard, that many of these projects are already in the bidding phase and the works may begin in the coming weeks. In this chapter, various educational expenses worth 39,000 euros and investments in infrastructure are added, such as the 120,000 euros that the Department of Housing has allocated for the rehabilitation of the Old Slaughterhouse and Santiago squares.

Another item that stands out for its amount in the budgets of the Generalitat Valenciana for Elda are the 250,000 euros approved for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Music Garden. A work highly demanded by Eldenses because the emblematic and central green space has been closed to the public for several years. But the highest economic amounts are those that contemplate the construction of the medical office of the Virgen de la Cabeza neighborhood, whose final draft of the project has increased its cost by 450,000 euros based on the improvements proposed, reaching 2,350,000 euros, of which which are planned for next year an investment of 1,140,000 euros. The rehabilitation of the El Catí residence for the elderly, whose works began months ago, has recorded the largest social investment with 5,307,518 euros, of which 2.5 million will be invested in 2021, finishing the work the following year.

The City Council carries out active policies to combat poverty and social exclusion. | ÁXEL ÁLVAREZ

Support for municipalism

The regional deputy of the PSPV-PSOE and councilor for Modernization and Human Resources, Jesus Sellés, has described the regional investments for Elda as very important, “which clearly reflects the support for municipalism and our city by the Valencian Government.” The mayor explained that “the Generalitat Valenciana, based on the actions that are promoted both by the State and from the surrounding countries, is betting on measures aimed at generating activity and promoting employment, without losing sight of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and social coverage for Valencians “. As has already been published, the budget project that was presented last week in the Valencian Parliament reflects expansive accounts with an increase of 12.3% to reach 25,486 million euros.

Some accounts to reactivate employment and the economy

The Valencian Government will continue to invest in improvements to the Virgen de la Salud University General Hospital at the same level as in previous years. This was announced by the socialist deputy and councilor Jesús Sellés, who also highlighted “the great investment effort that the Government of Ximo Puig will carry out next year to promote employment and reactivate the economy. And all this without neglecting the fight against the coronavirus pandemic so that, from this complicated moment, we all come out united and stronger.

The controversial medical office project

The PP denounces the delay in the award since 2017 and the PSOE attributes it to the improvements in the performance

The works of Virgen de la Cabeza de Elda medical office they continue to fuel the political confrontation between the government and the opposition of Elda. The PP has denounced this week that for the fourth consecutive year construction is delayed. A project that was already announced in 2017 by the PSOE-Compromís government. The Generalitat’s Budgets again contemplate € 1,140,000 for 2021 and € 1,210,000 for 2022, which implies that the start of the action is postponed again. In September, the popular spokesman Fran Muñoz asked about the progress of some works announced by Mayor Rubén Alfaro for April 2020. Muñoz expressed his concern about the € 600,000 that this year should have been invested. “As I had predicted that money will not arrive this year and the Ministry of Health returns to flee forward,” warned the municipal spokesman of the PP.

However, yesterday the socialist Jesús Sellés indicated that an initial budget of 1,900,000 euros has gone to 2,350,000 euros, which translates into an increase of 450,000 euros in improvements based on the criteria that it has been establishing itself conselleria. “The definitive project is close to its tender so we already see the beginning of the end,” stressed the deputy and councilor of the PSOE.

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