Monday, November 29

The Consell approves the express processing of the future City of Justice of Alicante

The Department of Justice takes this Friday the proposal to the plenary session under the protection that it is a historical vindication of Alicante for more than 15 years, as well as the need for spaces for the new services that have to start up and facilities that guarantee the safety of professionals in the face of the covid pandemic.

Recreation of access to the future complex through the northeast plaza. | INFORMATION

In the actualidad, Alicante has a total of 56 judicial bodies spread over a total of nine different locations. The lack of space in the current buildings has forced the department of Gabriela Bravo to resort over the last few years to rental of premises in order to locate the ten courts that have been created in the city since 2015.

To this is added that, Before the end of the year, a Criminal Court with exclusive jurisdiction in Violence against Women has yet to be set up, the first in the Valencian Community; as well as another Social Court to expedite the trials suspended in the months of hiatus during the pandemic. Likewise, throughout this year new services have been launched, such as the offices for the care of battered women, victims of crimes and minors, which have made the lack of spaces more evident. The two current buildings were saturated and practically there is no room for a pin, having to enable spaces each time new judicial units were launched, necessary to alleviate the collapse of previous years due to cuts.

The Consell considers it a priority to provide the second most populated judicial district in the entire Valencian Community with an “accessible, comfortable and sustainable” building. At the moment, the Infrastructure Sub-Directorate of the Conselleria is supervising the execution project delivered by the winning company with the forecast of having a final version in October. The declaration of exceptional public interest seeks to speed up the procedures to speed up the building license.

Virtual recreation of the future building of the City of Justice of Alicante. | INFORMATION

The future complex will be located in front of the current Benalúa courts, on the other side of Aguilera avenue, on the land on which the old San Fernando barracks stood, today a public parking lot after several unsuccessful attempts throughout the last years to start the work. It is planned to concentrate all the judicial bodies of the city in a single seat. In recent months the processing of the project had stalled because a specific modification of the General Urban Planning Plan has been necessary to be able to give the building greater height in order to have more space to house courts. The change in planning had the favorable report of all the councils of the City Council affected by the project, as well as other competent bodies.

Slap on the wrist by the Síndic de Comptes due to the slowness of the infrastructures

While the Department of Justice works to accelerate the works of the City of Justice. The Síndic de Comptes gave the regional administration a little slap on the wrist this Thursday due to the delays in the judicial infrastructure plan. The report released this Thursday focuses on the period from 2018 to 2020 and ensures that the degree of implementation is “relatively low”, although it specifies that it is due to external factors, such as “the problems arising from the lack of land transfer and the circumstances arising from the pandemic ”. Specifically cited the delays in the City of Justice of Alicante and the new courts of La Vila, whose works would be finished in October. Of the fifteen judicial districts in which it was planned to act, ten were taking action and the planned investments are 198 million euros, to fully or partially rehabilitate headquarters, construction of new buildings and maintenance actions.

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