Monday, November 30

The Consell finances with 481,000 euros a system that allows companies to have reliable data for digitization

The Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labor, through Ivace, has financed with 481,675 euros, an intelligent manufacturing platform that allows companies to have, in such just two weeks of reliable data to start the digitization process in their production systems.

The Minister of Economy, Rafa Climent, accompanied by the general director of the Ivace, Júlia Company, has attended the presentation of the PLASMA demonstrator, developed by the Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related Technical Institute (Aidimme) for an initial scope of 470 companies in the Community, as reported by Economy sources.

For the minister Rafa Climent “it is an investigation focused on use of cutting-edge technologies from which any company can benefit regardless of size. ”

According to the minister, “the impulse that the Ministry of Economy and IVACE want to give to these initiatives is unequivocally necessary for the renovation of company manufacturing processes, the regeneration of our productive tissue and the opening towards new production concepts that helps to achieve a more sustainable and just society and environments “.

Plataforma PLASMA

The PLASMA smart manufacturing platform consists of a landline located in Aidimme focused on product customization and flexibility in processes production in an orderly and progressive manner.

It also consists of two portable demonstrators that incorporate collaborative robotics and process monitoring technology that allows companies, in their own facilities, to carry out an analysis of the production process through massive data collection to avoid errors and improve efficiency and thus initiate digitization design for smart manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing by 3D printing, artificial vision for quality control or augmented reality to assist in the assembly of parts are other technologies incorporated into the system, prepared for remote control through the cloud and its integration into the company’s planning program.

Attendees at the presentation of the PLASMA platform.

To the president of Aidimme, Fernando Saludes, these technologies “are drivers of a new stage, more efficient, more respectful with the environment due to its efficiency and reduction of energy consumption, and friendlier to people “.

Suitable for any sector

PLASMA has been validated on real cases and has started its journey for installation in companies in the wood, furniture and metalworking sectorregardless of its size, process or product, and it will gradually be incorporated into other industries.

According to the results of the Aidimme Technological Institute obtained on real cases, the technologies with the greatest projection currently in companies are the robotic, the analysis and improvement of the processes from the massive collection of data, and the integration of applications that facilitate the communication between the management processes and the machines.

With the PLASMA platform “we can evaluate in a short time the viability of a digital transformation process and quantify the necessary investment, with a payback period that moves in the short term, from 1 to 3 years, in the sectors analyzed and depending on the process “, explained the head of Industrial Development and Product Development of Aidimme, José Luis Sánchez.

More help for technology centers

The Minister thanked the Technological Institutes the important role that they have played since the beginning of the pandemic in reorienting and developing products and solutions for companies for the benefit of society.

During his speech, Climent pointed out that within the budgets of the Ivace for fiscal year 2021, the The allocation for technology centers amounts to 50.9 million euros, 3 million more than in 2020.

“A help”, highlighted the minister, “which in the last five years has increased by 108%, from 24.5 million euros to 50.9”.

The demonstration of the PLASMA platform was also attended by the technical managers of the initiative, the president of the Valencian Federation of Construction Entrepreneurs (Fevec), Francisco Zamora, and the general secretaries of the Fevama employers (Wood and Wood Business Federation). Furniture of the Valencian Community); Femeval (Metallurgical Business Federation of the Valencian Community) and Fempa (Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community) Rafael Pérez, Alejandro Soliveres and Luis Rodríguez, respectively, to whom the Climent has also thanked their effort in transferring the results of research to companies.

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