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The Consell guarantees the demolition of two “irrecoverable” blocks of Los Palmerales this year and two more in 2022

A moment of the visit of the mayor of Elche and the councilor Dalmau to Los Palmerales

A moment of the visit of the mayor of Elche and the councilor Dalmau to Los Palmerales
Matías Segarra

The demolition of the buildings of Llimoner 21 and 23 in Los Palmerales de Elche will take place before the end of the year. This was announced by the second vice president of the Generalitat and Minister of Housing, Rubén Martínez Dalmau, to the Mayor of Elche, Carlos González Serna, at a work meeting held in the Los Palmerales neighborhood, in which the general director of Housing, Elena Azcárraga, the general director of the Entitat Valenciana d´Habitatge i Sòl (EVha), Alberto Aznar, the deputy director of Social Intervention of EVha, Helena Ferrando, the councilor for Urban Planning have also participated , Ana María Arabid, and the Councilor for Equality, Mariano Valera. Aznar was a month ago in Elche where he could not set a date for a project that the Elche City Council announced last year, but this visit has served to finalize the project.

In it, a review has been made of the actions that the Housing Department is developing in Elche, where “In recent years, 29.7 million euros have been allocated, becoming the municipality in which the most has been invested in urban regeneration actions “, Martínez Dalmau highlighted.

For his part, the mayor of Elche has conveyed to the vice president his “satisfaction” for the upcoming demolition of blocks 21 and 23 of Llimoners and for the intervention of the ARRU of Los Palmerales because “the urban improvement and the living conditions of its Residents is the great success and result of this performance “.

Also, González has assured that the “alliance with the Department of Housing To substantially improve the Los Palmerales neighborhood is fundamental. “And he added that” the decisions that have already been made and can be seen and those that will be implemented in the future are fundamental to dignify a modest, humble neighborhood that has to have quality of life and appropriate standards for all the neighbors. ”

The action in the Los Palmerales neighborhood is part of the Plan for the dignity of the public park of the Generalitat and from the vice-presidency “we have to ensure that all the people who reside in public housing have the best conditions to develop their lives”, Dalmau has insisted.

In that sense, he stressed that from the Consell “we have to break the duality between wealth and poverty” and an important step will be the demolition of those buildings in Llimoners, “some blocks that manifest what we do not want public housing to be , which show the precariousness and the lack of conditions, in order to later be able to advance in the regeneration of the neighborhood “.

Its technical reports revealed that these blocks were not recoverable, which placed them in financial ruin. On November 29, the Town Hall declared the building’s state of ruin and on December 11, Martínez Dalmau issued a resolution ordering its demolition, at an estimated cost of 242,000 euros. The demolition project is currently in the drafting phase.

At the same time, at the meeting it was also reported that the procedure for rehousing the residents of the Llimoners 25 and 27 blocks will be restarted with the idea of ​​demolishing them throughout 2022.

Success of the ARRU

Martínez Dalmau highlighted “the effort that the Consell is making to promote urban regeneration in the Elche public park”. In this sense, he recalled the 2.5 million euros invested in the Urban Regeneration and Renewal Area (ARRU) in Los Palmerales and whose work ended last October.

Another of the topics discussed at the meeting were the five homes, with a cost of 304,076 euros, that the Ministry has acquired in Elche through the acquisition competition, direct purchase from Sareb and the exercise of the right of both and withdrawal. To this must be added another six assigned by the agreement with CriteriaCaixa to deal with emergency cases.

The repair of public housing claims (305,000 euros), the repair of homes (363,000 euros), emergency aid for COVID-19 (315,925 euros) and the urban reform and modernization of the Plaza Jardín de Andalucía, in the Toscar neighborhood, (199,089 euros) complete the investment table of the Department of Housing in Elche.

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