Tuesday, March 28

The Consell injects 618,000 euros recovered from the Cooperation case to a project in Bolivia

The Generalitat Valenciana has agreed to award a subsidy of just over 670,000 euros to an international cooperation project that will take place on the other side of the Atlantic, in Bolivia. Specifically, public funds will be used to promote women’s access to certain sexual and reproductive health services. What a priori could seem like one more management of those framed in the Department of Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality, is, in reality, an action loaded with symbolism for the Botanic Government. The bulk of the money that will be injected into the Andean country comes from items recovered from the Cooperation case, derived from the corrupt plot orchestrated by ex-minister Rafael Blasco to loot, precisely, the money consigned to provide aid to developing countries.

It did not arrive in Nicaragua, as was initially planned, but it will serve to contribute to the progress of the Bolivian territory. That is the maxim that they defend from the ministry led by Rosa Pérez Garijo. Department sources explain that the funds that were diverted by Blasco and his plot, thanks to the Justice and the botanical government, are now being recovered in favor of the especially vulnerable population. Specifically, there are 617,910.41 euros recovered from the sewers of corruption that will reach Bolivia. They come from the auction of two farms that the former seller kept in Alzira. They were lands that Blasco put at the disposal of the court to compensate part of the civil liability derived from the piece linked to the Fundación Cyes Entidad, without relation to the construction company. Specifically, 1.6 million that were to be used to build wells in Nicaragua were diverted to the purchase of real estate and garages in Valencia, while the country receiving the funds only received 43,000 euros.

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It has been recently when the Autonomous Administration has resolved the call for 2021 to grant subsidies for the financing of projects and programs of international cooperation for development, to be executed in structurally impoverished countries and populations. The amounts initially provided for this purpose have been increased thanks to an extraordinary line that comes from “unduly indisposed public funds”, as stated in the resolution of the Ministry. An elegant way, at least, to refer to the money that has returned to the public coffers from the corruption that muddied the Generalitat during the years of the PP government, a slab that undoubtedly contributed to its subsequent decline at the polls and, with this, upon his return to the opposition after two decades in power. And it is those recovered funds that have now made it possible to finance this additional project, presented like the rest to the competitive bidding call. The last project subsidized in the modality of international cooperation for development 2021 has been the one presented by the Alliance for Rights, Equality and Solidarity Foundation, called “Strengthening the active participation of women for access to sexual and reproductive health services in the public system ”, in Bolivia.

The regional secretary for Cooperation and Democratic Quality, Toñi Serna, affirms that the Botànic’s commitment is to return all the money that was embezzled to actions related to cooperation. Recovering and reinvesting, says Serna, is a fundamental objective, since he considers that “there is nothing more miserable than robbing the poor.” Along these lines, he argues that the commitment of the Government chaired by Puig for cooperation is unquestionable and is something that is reflected in the 60 million that will be invested this year. As calculated by the Generalitat, 13.5 million euros have been recovered for cases related to corruption.

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