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The Consell insists on negotiating with the United Kingdom to lift the veto on tourism

Vicent Soler, Mónica Oltra and Ximo Puig, yesterday, in the plenary session of the Consell held in Ciudad de la Luz.  |  JOSE NAVARRO

Vicent Soler, Mónica Oltra and Ximo Puig, yesterday, in the plenary session of the Consell held in Ciudad de la Luz. | JOSE NAVARRO

The Consell is determined to continue negotiating with the United Kingdom to try to get the government of Boris Johnson as soon as possible lift the veto on tourism in the Community. The Executive is fully aware that eliminating the restrictions that are imposed on visitors who come to the autonomous territory (quarantine and two PCR upon return to the country) is essential for the reactivation of the tourist machinery of the Costa Blanca and, in the current scenario, trusts that in July, at most, the limitations on mobility will be eliminated. “It must be taken into account that the Valencian Community currently has a lower incidence than Great Britain, it would be logical that it could come,” the president of the Generalitat defended yesterday, Ximo Puig.

XIMO PUIG, PRESIDENT OF THE GENERALITAT: “When the British come to the Community they stay, there is no mobility abroad, the island effect is important”

The head of the Consell admitted not have too much hope in that in the next update of the traffic light that the United Kingdom uses to rate the level of risk for coronavirus in each country, on June 7, the Community can go from amber to green, but it does expect that to occur in the next review, originally scheduled for June 28. The regional leader also pointed out that next week a visit by the British ambassador to Spain is scheduled, Hugh Elliott, which will go to the province and will probably move south, to the Vega Baja, where an important colony of British residents resides. With this, the president showed that he will continue his strategy of maintaining contact with the diplomat to try to obtain the approval that was not obtained at the beginning of this week, when, precisely, Puig met with Elliott without achieving the desired result. “I am hopeful that sooner rather than later, not only the Community, but the whole of Spain, can receive British tourism,” said Puig. This is a vital issue especially for Alicante, which in a normal situation receives four million British people a year, which translates into an economic impact of 4,000 million euros.

MÓNICA OLTRA, VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE CONSELL: “In Europe the regions must have more weight, take each community as a reference in covid”

The Government of the Botanist met in full on Friday in Alicante, specifically in City of Light, to celebrate a plenary session, and it was there that the vice president of the Consell, Monica Oltra, stressed that an attempt will be made to continue negotiating with the United Kingdom to unblock this issue. In his case, it was a step further. He regretted the restrictions and reflected that the regions and municipalities “have to have more weight in Europe.” The spokeswoman for the Executive considered that in making decisions of this scale, the epidemiological status of the territories should be taken into account instead of evaluating the situation of the states as a whole. For this reason, the Minister of Equality also valued that, that of the United Kingdom, is a political decision that, as she said, “has nothing to do with the situation of the Valencian Community, which is the region with the least affection”, than that of other territories.

Along these lines, the vice president opined that It would be “desirable” for tourist destinations to “take into account the situations of each place », that is, the probability of infections in a specific region and not throughout the country. Therefore, he continued, “trying to negotiate with the United Kingdom” will continue so that “as we progress very quickly in vaccination, these restrictions do not exist in case they can be a dissuasive reason” for people who want to travel and come to our land, “he settled.

Johnson does not consider a change until June 28

The UK Government has practically decided, barring a Copernican turn next week, that Spain continue in “amber” until June 28 and thus be left out of the new list of countries in ‘green’ (zero restrictions for British tourists on return) in the traffic light update on 7 June. Spain, except for surprise, will remain in “amber” (quarantine and two PCR on the return to Great Britain), and that will drag the province of Alicante and the Costa del Sol. The Johnson executive does seem to open the hand with the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands. After June 7, another three weeks will have to pass until a new review takes place on the 28th. News that alter the reopening calendar of the hotels, especially those that work mainly with English tourism, many closed since April 2020. The leading tour operator on the Costa Blanca, TUI Holidays, does not return until June 24, so it has already planned the no to Spain.

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