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The Consell intervenes a residence in Formentera del Segura with 27 positives

The residence of Formentera del Segura where new cases of coronavirus have been detected among the elderly and workers.  |  TONY SEVILLA

The residence of Formentera del Segura where new cases of coronavirus have been detected among the elderly and workers. | TONY SEVILLA

The province’s nursing homes for the elderly continue to add positives for coronavirus among their residents and also among their workers. Among the latest cases, that of a center in Formentera del Segura where 27 positives for covid-19 have been confirmed, a situation that has prompted the Generalitat to intervene in the center after this major outbreak. In addition, cases in other regions in centers for the elderly continue to grow, such as in the Domus Vi residence in Elda, where there have been five new positives among users and four among employees.

The vice president of the Generalitat and Minister of Equality and Inclusive Policies, Mónica Oltra, announced yesterday a general screening of all the workforce of nursing home workers. Thus he indicated that, although PCRs depend on each department, “there must be homogeneity.”

The Mediterráneo Decuvi residence located in Formentera del Segura has registered 17 positive cases of the elderly and ten in the workforce, including the director of the center, as confirmed by INFORMATION. The first case among employees was registered on November 6 and the first among residents was confirmed two days later, on November 8. This residence has 40 places between total assisted, semi-assisted and self-sufficient people and is the only one that works in this municipality of Vega Baja.

Now, just a week later, almost half of the residents of this nursing home are infected and part of its staff is confined to having tested positive, which has caused an intervention by the administration that, for now, focuses on daily assistance of toilets from the department of Torrevieja. In addition, three of the oldest were admitted to the Torrevieja University Hospital, with no deaths so far.

Most of the staff of this center have been affected, including the director; Therefore, the health personnel of the Torrevieja area go daily to reinforce the assistance.

It should be remembered that Formentera del Segura is one of the smallest towns in the Vega Baja, with 4,150 neighbors, so the concentration of positives in its only nursing home has exponentially increased the cumulative incidence of the municipality to 381 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants.

Guardamar del Segura

The residence located in Formentera del Segura is not the only one with a significant outbreak in the region, since there are also positive cases in the Casaverde de Guardamar del Segura center. There, the assistance group was able to cope with the situation with its own means and took it for granted. It is the third residence in the Vega Baja of the same company affected by outbreaks since September. The one in Pilar de la Horadada suffered an outbreak with 80 infections among residents and staff and had to be intervened, while at the moment there are also confirmed cases in her senior center in Almoradí. For its part, the public residence for the elderly in Torrevieja, the largest in the region, suffered two cases a week and a half ago but is free of covid at the moment. However, the management of the Torrevieja health department does not report on other cases produced in healthcare centers in this area since March.

In Elda, the number of infections in the Domus Vi nursing home continues to grow two weeks after the covid-19 outbreak was detected. In recent days there have been five new positives among users, going from 59 to 64; and another four more among workers, who went from 42 to 46. The number of deaths remained at 14 and the number of hospitalized at 10, all of them older residents.

Positive cases in 80 nursing homes in the Community

At present, there are some positive cases in 80 residences for the elderly in the Community, 19 of them in the province of Alicante, 5 in Castellón and 56 in Valencia; as well as in 17 functional diversity centers and 4 centers for minors in the province of Valencia. Thus, according to the Consell, there have been 90 new positives among residents and 39 new cases among workers. As for the deceased, there have been seven new fatalities. In addition, 15 residences in the Community are under active health control surveillance, six of them in the province of Alicante.


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