Tuesday, June 28

The Consell launches the new aid for the purchase of electric cars of up to 7,000 euros

The Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana (DOGV) has published this Monday the call with the bases of the Moves III program, which subsidizes the purchase of hybrid and electric vehicles, with aid that can reach 7,000 euros. Although it is a state plan, it is managed by the autonomies and, in this particular case, Ivace Energia, which depends on the Department of Sustainable Economy.

Ivace Energía will subsidize the direct acquisition or through financing operations by financial leasing or leasing by renting (also called operating leasing) of new alternative energy vehicles. To access the aid, they must contact one of the dealerships or points of sale that are part of the program; These will be the ones who will process the aid electronically.

The amounts vary depending on the type of vehicle, the applicant (self-employed individuals and entities, SMEs or large companies) and whether or not there is scrapping of an old vehicle. For individuals, in case of not scrapping a vehicle, aid for the purchase of a pure electric vehicle will amount to 4,500 euros and 2,500 for plug-ins.

In the case of electric motorcycles, the incentive can reach 1,300 euros with scrapping and 1,100 euros without sending a vehicle to scrapping.

The price of the electric vehicle may not exceed 45,000 euros, with the exception of electric models with eight or nine seats, which may reach 53,000 euros. In the case of electric motorcycles, their price may not exceed 10,000 euros.

Likewise, the purchase of electric vans by self-employed professionals will be subsidized with up to 9,000 euros in case the user scraps his old vehicle and with up to 7,000 in case he does not.

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In addition, the Moves III program provides aid of an additional 10% to actions in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, both for the installation of recharging infrastructures in these territories and for the purchase of vehicles by people who are registered in them. It also provides an extra 10% for the help that people with reduced mobility receive.

As explained by the general director of Ivace, Júlia Company, the transport sector “is the one with the highest energy consumption in the Valencian Community and practically all of this consumption comes from oil, so it is essential to carry out active policies to promote a more sustainable type of mobility “.

Budget and deadlines

The aid for the acquisition of electric vehicles has a budget until 2023 of 30 million euros and will contribute to advance in the diversification of energy sources in transport, with the consequent reduction of dependence on petroleum products. For the installation of electric recharging points, the announcement of the call is scheduled for the next few days and will have a budget of 10.5 million euros.

For the acquisitions of electric vehicles and electric vehicle recharging points by individuals, self-employed persons, communities of owners and public entities as long as they do not carry out economic activities for which they offer goods and / or services in the market, the purchases made may be subsidized after April 9, 2021.

The deadline for concessionaires to join Moves III will begin on July 22 and applications can be processed as of July 29, once Moves II has ended. The Moves III call will be open until December 31, 2023.

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