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The Consell leaves in the air if the students already vaccinated will quarantine by close contact

When asked about Education and Health for this circumstance, they initially referred to the protocol in force from last year, which did not contemplate vaccination, an element that has already been implemented in other communities in which they will not have to be quarantined if the student is immunized. And when cross-examining this medium for this circumstance, the ministries clarified that in any case they are working on an update that is expected to be released this Monday.

From the Ministry of Education they finally explained that the decision is “exclusively health and falls to the Ministry of Health, which is currently working on updating the COVID-19 Case Management Protocol in non-university educational centers in the Valencian Community for the 2021-2022 academic year ». In addition, they show that “In the next few days” they will receive the protocol and they will send it to Valencian educational centers, in addition to publishing it on the website of the Generalitat Valenciana “so that all families can know it.”

The Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Castilla y León or Madrid have already announced that confinement with the full guideline will not be necessary


So things, and put in contact with the Ministry of Health, the department that directs Ana Barcelo revealed that “these possible modifications are currently under study in the Ministry’s report on epidemiological alerts. They will be resolved shortly and will be applicable to existing protocols. ”

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It is not surprising that today, Monday, September 6, many parents, teachers, educational centers and associations ask both councils for answers about what determination will be carried out when a schoolboy has to keep isolation or not: if the students who are find in the desk next to it, in front and behind, either the whole class or only the students who are not vaccinated.

A question that already has an answer in other autonomous communities such as the Balearic Islands or Catalonia, where those vaccinated who are close contacts of infected people will not have to save quarantine.

From Primary Care they reiterate to this newspaper “the lack of coordination between the two regional ministries on the dates in which we meet, at the beginning of September. The health workers thought that on September 1, the protocols would already be updated based on the epidemiological data since it is in constant coordination with Public Health ». Likewise, health sources state that “it is we, the health centers together with Public Health who manage the positives of each municipality.” It is, in short, “a lack of foresight at the beginning of the school year with the experience we have after a year and a half of the pandemic.”

Ads in other communities

The students who do know whether or not they will have to quarantine are those from the Balearic Islands. The counterpart of March in the archipelago, Martí March, made this announcement last Tuesday, August 31. There, vaccinated students who are in close contact with a positive should not be quarantined.

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This announcement, made public ten days before the start of the course, “seeks to encourage maximum presence in the classrooms. As reported by Diario de Mallorca -the same editorial group as INFORMACIÓN-, the Minister of Education stressed that this measure could be a good alternative to promote vaccination among students.

No mask at recess

Another of the autonomies that has already established the protocol for this 2021-2022 academic year is Catalonia. There, students over 12 years of age who have been in close contact with a positive and are vaccinated with the full schedule will not have to quarantine. A measure announced on August 30. While the mask will be mandatory in classroomsIf there is only one coexistence group in the patios, the students will not be obliged to carry them.

Another of the communities where the students of the institutes that have administered the complete immunization schedule or have passed the coronavirus six months ago, should not be confined if they are in close contact with a positive, is Madrid, who made the announcement on Friday. The Castilian-Leonese schoolchildren who carry the two inoculated doses should not be isolated by close contact either.

An uncertainty that could clarify hoand in the Valencian Community during the presentation of the new course by Education.

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