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The Consell studies rewarding the personnel assigned to the management of European funds

However, the administrative machinery continues to be slow and with dynamics that can hinder the proper management of these grants. With the aim of modernizing the Administration, the department that Bravo directs yesterday presented the report prepared by an expert commission and in which, among other issues, it is proposed to encourage civil servants through remuneration for objectives or extraordinary bonuses.

In particular, it opens the door for the personnel assigned to the programs for the management and execution of the actions financed by the European Union recovery instrument to perceive extraordinary productivity and rewards subject to the degree of compliance with the program’s objectives.

This measure, like the other 62 included in the study, will be studied in depth by the department, which also expects contributions from the union and business sphere.

The Ministry wants to reduce the deadline to resolve files from 140 to 80 days, as established by law


The issue of productivity linked to objectives to encourage civil servants is not new and is even included in the Public Function Law, although experts believe that it is time to advance them given the foreseeable increase in the workload in the Generalitat . There is also an impact on the internal flexibility that allows the mobility of jobs and people between ministries.

The personnel chapter is one of the axes addressed in the study, but not the only one. During the presentation, emphasis was placed on the field of recruitment, at the moment, a spider web where projects are trapped.

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Bravo admitted that currently the average time for resolution of a contract in the Generalitat is 140 days, that is, 60 more than what is established by law. In fact, the objective is that the proposed measures reduce this period to 80 days.

250 to 400 contracts per month

It should also be noted that the Botànic hopes to go from 250 to 400 contracts processed per month, that is, to increase management capacity and avoid losing the 21,000 million European funds that the Valencian Community expects to receive.

The current photo speaks of a lack of strategic planning, relaxation in controls and work overload at the hiring tables, among other weaknesses detected.

The expert commission raises new issues such as the creation of a General Contracting Directorate attached to the Ministry of Finance and designed as a specialized body with exclusive contracting powers, on which all units of the ministries will depend. This general directorate could act as a permanent contracting table for certain files. In addition, a support and advice service could be outsourced. In order to favor the access of SMEs to contracts, the division into lots is proposed.

Another measure is based on establishing penalties for breach of contracts by the successful bidder. Penalties that “must be sufficiently dissuasive, so that the contractor never benefits from non-compliance.”

In the section on agreements, it is proposed to open the door for private entities to collaborate with the Administration and to introduce flexibility measures for the management of subsidies.

The document incorporates measures on administrative simplification (strategic use of the responsible declaration) and on the prevention of irregularities by strengthening the code of ethics in the management of funds and the alert system.

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Commission with expert voices in Public Administration

The group that has prepared the report is chaired by José Luis Martínez Morales, from the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation. It is coordinated by the Undersecretary of Justice, Belén Cardona, and the members are Ignacio Sevilla, María José Alonso, Ricardo de Vicente Domingo, María Pilar Batet, Eduardo Costa and Margarita Vento Torres, from the Administration or the university world.


63 proposals to streamline administrative management

The report contains five axes (personnel, hiring, agreements, prevention of irregularities and simplification) with 18 lines of measures and 63 proposals to modernize the procedures.


Creation of the General Procurement Directorate

Attached to the Ministry of Finance, the new body would organize the contracting units of the rest of the ministries. They would not lose their powers. It is proposed to approve model sheets of administrative clauses and the door is opened to establish variations in prices based on the fulfillment of objectives in complex contracts.

Agreements and subsidies

Collaboration with the private sector

It is proposed to streamline and simplify the procedure for agreements through preferential processing to facilitate collaboration with the private sector, and allow up to 50% advance payment.


Mobility and incentives

The document includes issues already raised in the Public Function Law to facilitate the mobility of civil servants and bets on incentives.

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