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The Construction Labor Foundation will train crane operators and insulators in Mérida

Two workers working in a housing development in Mérida. / TODAY

The Special Plan for Mérida also provides for practical courses to better handle anchors in work at height

Antonio Gilgado

The Junta de Extremadura and the Construction Labor Foundation announced a few days ago an ambitious recycling program for workers in the sector. They have opened specialization itineraries for active and unemployed workers according to the demand that Sexpe has detected and the forecast of what will be requested in the short term in job offers.

In Mérida, this program has already been deployed and part of the public and free bag has almost all the places occupied.

Pedro Pérez, manager of the Foundation in Extremadura, explains that the first that has been launched is the mobile crane operator course. They will teach the theoretical and practical criteria so that later the students can be examined and get the official card. It lasts three hundred hours.

Some sessions will be held at the Foundation’s facilities and others at the Grúas Caba platform on the Trujillanos highway, next to the highway.

Those interested must have graduated from ESO because it is the minimum requirement for the exam.

The manager believes that there are hardly any places available. There is a lot of interest in training as a mobile crane operator due to the emergence of prefabricated units.

Bridges and buildings have prefabricated plates that have to be moved on construction sites and this professional profile will be in great demand in the future.

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There are also practical and short hours on work at height. 60% of serious and fatal accidents in construction come from falls from heights and 40% from roofs. In eight hours, the students learn to place anchors and handle safety and maneuver ropes. The Foundation has a scaffolding tower in its facilities in which to rehearse these maneuvers.

Another line addresses the professional certificates for SATE (Exterior Thermal Insulation System). It is one of the most useful techniques for improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Buildings that were built prior to the current technical building code did not take energy conservation into account. Isolation chambers were hardly placed in promotions.

rock wool

Companies now demand specialist operators to place polystyrene or rock wool coverings so that the heating of homes is more efficient. For this modality there are long-term courses of more than two hundred hours and to prepare new workers in this technique with solvency. The general program also includes basic topography, installation of plasterboard, measurements and budgets, interpretation of plans or installation and maintenance of solar panels. In Extremadura, explains the manager, since there are few entities with real capacity to give practical courses because heavy machinery, installations and test buildings for formwork and scaffolding are needed, in recent years they have hardly been offered. The deficit of so many years has meant that qualified personnel have not had the opportunity to retrain. That is why the Board, through Sexpe, has decided to agree on such a broad list this year that it will update both company personnel and those who are unemployed because they will have more options to get a job if they are updated. The goal is for seven percent of the active population of Mérida and the region that now works or is interested in working in construction to retrain.

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