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The consumer may require electricity companies to know the origin of their energy

The consumer may require electricity companies to know the origin of their energy.

The consumer may require electricity companies to know the origin of their energy.

The energy consumer may demand to receive information from electricity marketers on the origin of the electricity consumed and its impact on the environment, according to the circular approved by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published this Friday the circular of the ‘super regulator‘by which the methodology and conditions of the electricity labeling are established to inform about the origin of the electricity consumed and its impact on the environment.

European regulations establish that Member States must ensure that the information provided by the electricity suppliers to its customers on the origin of the electricity is reliable and is provided in a clearly comparable way between these suppliers.

Thus, the community directive establishes that the aforementioned information must contain data on the contribution of the different energy sources of electricity sold by each company, as well as the impact on the environment in terms of CO2 emissions and derived radioactive waste of electricity produced by the aforementioned combination of energy sources.

However, in Spain an information system is established according to which any trading company that sells electricity to end customers must indicate on their bills -or next to them, and on the promotional documentation made available to them – the contribution of each primary energy source to the overall electrical energy supplied by the marketer during the previous year, as well as its associated environmental impact.

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In this way, this circular will allow the consumer the possibility of obtaining detailed information on the energy consumed, voluntarily and in addition to the mandatory information available for all energy sold by companies.

The information will be provided in MWh, broken down by technologies according to the main energy source, including at least the following: hydraulic -with an indication of the consumption by pumping-, nuclear, coal, fuel / gas, combined cycle of natural gas, wind, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass, renewable waste, other renewable energy and other non-renewable energy (including cogeneration, non-renewable waste and waste treatment).

This measure will be applied to both the electricity trading companies and the electrical energy consumers that intend to inform or make known the origin of the electricity they have consumed.

In addition, the body chaired by Cani Fernández will publish each year the electricity labeling for the trading companies that have registered energy sales in the calendar year to which the labeling refers.

Likewise, electricity consumers who so decide may obtain the corresponding labeling the electrical energy they have consumed in the previous year.


Electricity labeling, based on the System of Guarantees of Origin of electricity, is the only tool contemplated in the regulation for a trading company to inform its customers of the origin of the electricity it sells and its environmental impact.

Therefore, to avoid duplication or confusion, any communication of marketing companies In relation to the aforementioned environmental attributes, it must be in accordance with the data that characterizes each marketer on its labeling.

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