Wednesday, December 8

The Consumers Union denounces CaixaBank for approving a card maintenance fee for Bankia customers

The Union of Consumers of the Valencian Community (UCCV) considers the change in the contractual conditions that it will apply to Bankia customers after its absorption by CaixaBank is harmful and abusive. For this reason, the Union of Consumers of the Valencian Community has drawn up a form so that affected consumers can claim from CaixaBank the collection of new commissions on debit cards issued by Bankia, which until now were free. CaixaBank has communicated to the former clients of Bankia the maintenance fee of € 36 which will apply to the holders of the debit card until now free, unilaterally modifying the contractual conditions that at the time agreed with Bankia.

In recent days, the legal department of the Valencian Community Consumers Union has detected an increase in inquiries related to the possibility of claim the collection of this commission, since a large part of the people affected are from the Valencian Community. This situation, they explain from the entity, is more alarming if we take into account that among the affected people, there can be vulnerable people and at risk of social and financial exclusion.

In response to the complaints received, and in order to facilitate the processing of claims by affected consumers, the Union of Consumers of the Valencian Community has prepared a form that makes it easier to claim CaixaBank for the collection of this commission, and leaving a record of disagreement with the modification of existing contractual conditions so far and subscribed by Bankia. In addition, the Union of Consumers of the Valencian Community has sent a claim both to Caixabank, to cancel said commission, as well as to the Bank of Spain to review the action carried out by this entity and take the appropriate measures.

In the opinion of Vicente Inglada, general secretary of the Valencian Community Consumers Union, “this modification of the conditions initially agreed with the entity, without consideration or improvement of the services, causes a serious economic damage for customers who come from Bankia ”. In this sense, “it is recommended that affected consumers submit the corresponding claim by filling in the form.”

Faced with these contractual modifications announced by Caixabank, customers, according to the UCCV, can also change bank, transferring all accounts and services to a new entity, which will be responsible for the change of direct debits. In the case of consumers who have a mortgage loan, they can request a loan proposal from the new entity that could even improve current conditions. Or, in the opposite case, maintain only the loan and the associated debit account with the old entity, without said entity being able to charge any amount as a maintenance fee for the account if it is intended solely and exclusively for the payment of the mortgage loan. .

The Union of Consumers of the Valencian Community considers that any merger, absorption or restructuring of banking entities cannot in any case harm the economic and contractual conditions of consumers, especially if they establish new commissions that did not exist before. Therefore, the form is available to all consumers who wish to claim CaixaBank on the website of the Union of Consumers of the Valencian Community

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