Tuesday, May 17

The contradictions of California, America’s wealthy progressive stronghold with the highest poverty rate in the country

  • Patricia Sulbarán Lovera
  • BBC News Mundo correspondent in Los Angeles

A view of the city of San Francisco, one of the most expensive in the United States.

Image source, Getty Images


San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the US, where the median apartment rent is $ 3,000.

California is synonymous with superlatives: it is the richest state in the United States, the most populous, the place with the most billionaires in the country and the producer of two-thirds of the fruits consumed in the nation.

With its seasonal exceptions, Californian economy In general, it has prospered in recent decades and if in 1991 it ranked ninth among world economies, in 2018 it rose to fifth (and remains, according to local experts).

The state’s political influence is also clear, with several state officials moving to Washington to work alongside the Democratic president. Joe Biden.

And for years it has been accepted that the Democratic Party will win the positions of power in a state where the population votes overwhelmingly for this option and thereby expresses its progressive ideals.


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