Saturday, November 26

The control session in the Cortes opens with financing and budgets in the spotlight

It will be, precisely, the partners of the Government of the PSPV-PSOE those who most against the ropes will put Puig, who will have to position himself on the Budgets prepared by the Ministry of Finance. The Síndic of Compromís, Fran Ferri, will question him about how he values ​​that the central government has only executed until June a 16.2% of planned investments for the Community in the 2021 accounts. The training demands an institutional response to its Botànic partner in the absence of compliance by the Executive chaired by the socialist Pedro Sánchez. Training is also being very critical with the accounts for 2022, which leave the Community below its population weight in investments, and the province at the bottom. Compromís’s anger is such that the vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, has come to “align herself” with the president of the PPCV, Carlos Mazón, and has asked for a common front from all parties to amend the accounts.

Again, the questions of one of the partners who govern with the PSPV-PSOE in the Community will focus more glances than those of the opposition itself and place Ximo Puig in an uncomfortable situation, since he must opt for a critical response towards La Moncloa, and his party mates, or else try to justify the government of Sánchez, which would not sit well in the Community and would annoy to his own colleagues from the autonomous government.

The other partner of the PSPV, United We Can, will focus part of the intervention of its trustee, Pilar Lima, in the reversal of the Torrevieja Hospital. Lima He will ask the head of the Consell if he believes that Valencian citizens can “continue to leave their health in the hands of the privatized management model for another minute”, in addition to denouncing “the embarrassing, condescending and irresponsible attitude of Ribera Salud in the final stage of the deprivatization of the Torrevieja Hospital ». Puig has made no secret that his government intends to transfer the hospitals that the PP left in the hands of private companies to direct public management, once their concessions are finished.

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The opposition, for its part, will try to corner Ximo Puig with the financing after tiptoeing over this issue in the federal congress of the Socialists. The trustee of the PPCV, María José Catalá, will ask you about the change of model that the previous step, as approved weeks ago by the political groups of the Cortes, is the convocation of a Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy this October, Although it is still without a date, so that in January there would be a new financing model.

In addition, Catalá will ask the head of the Consell if he plans to address the “management deficiencies” of some departments of the Consell, as well as if he supports the NLP that his party will present to take measures that lower the electricity bill. The popular trustee will also question the Cercanías and youth employment policies. The application of the tourist tax proposed by Compromís and UP, and which is slowing down, for the moment, the PSPV-PSOE, will also be introduced by the PP in the debate.

On the part of Cs, his trustee, Ruth Merino, will ask Puig about what he thinks are the priorities of a citizen of the Valencian Community. And the Vox trustee, Ana Vega, will urge you to respond if you consider that “the separation of powers and legality” is being fulfilled by the Consell.

Puig admits the difficulties involved in changing the model

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, acknowledged this Monday the “enormous difficulties” that the financing negotiation has, clearly insufficient in the Valencian Community. Puig responded to journalists’ questions after criticism from the opposition for having passed “aside” on this matter in the PSOE federal congress, and before the head of the central Executive, Pedro Sánchez. Puig argues that, in the resolutions of the congress, the need for the autonomous communities to have the financial sufficiency to provide quality public services and that the distribution of resources guarantees equality was collected. In this sense, he pointed out that the adjusted population is the basic criterion, but the most important “are the people and the demographic circumstances.”

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However, the opposition described the conclave of Socialists held in Valencia as “disappointing” for not addressing two issues that they consider key: financing and water. The secretary general of the PPCV, María José Catalá, criticized that Puig “considers what was approved on regional financing a success, when it is just the opposite”, since he assures that his party colleagues “have loaded everything that has come defending “and it did not address” neither the historical debt, nor the adjusted population criterion, nor terms nor times “. The trustee of Cs, Ruth Merino, has the same vision as the popular ones about the socialist conclave. “It is proven that the PSOE and PP, when they govern, forget to defend the interests of Valencians,” said Merino.

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