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The controversial divorce of a couple of Honduran shepherds in Miami: $ 120 million in property fight

The controversial divorce of a couple of Honduran shepherds in Miami: $ 120 million in property fight

Parishioners from King Jesus International Ministry at an event in January last year in which then-President Donald Trump was present.

Photo: Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

Divorce of the shepherds Guillermo Maldonado and Ana Maldonado It has become a fictional saga that includes allegations of emotional and verbal abuse and the exorbitant figure of $ 120 million.

The founding couple of King Jesus International Ministry, con sede en Miami, Florida, is facing a legal lawsuit over the large properties they shared accompanied by complaints from the woman of abuse by the pastor.

Ana filed for divorce from her husband last year. His initial complaints include a pattern of emotional and verbal abuse by the religious. In addition, he alleged that his still partner was illegally benefiting from the Hispanic megachurch, one of the fastest growing in the nation.

Various properties, luxury cars and Falcon 50 jet

The Miami Herald report, which has followed the case closely, indicates that the couple own a home in southwest Miami-Dade, another in Sunny Isles Beach and a third Treasure Cay in the Bahamas. Additionally, the religious, of Honduran origin, own properties in Opa-locka and Hialeah, in addition to a 2020 Mercedes, a Lexus LX, and a Falcon 50 jet, registered under the church’s name.

The cost of these types of planes varies between $ 4.5- $ 6.5 million.

The still wife of the pastor has asked the Court in the divorce petition filed last October that the main house that belonged to both remains for her, that the expenses she has incurred in lawyers be paid, plus an equitable distribution of all the assets.

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As part of her approach, the woman claims that she knows very little about the family’s finances. However, he said he believed that the assets and properties extend to Italy, Honduras and Colombia for a value of up to $ 120 million.

According to Ana’s arguments, she was pressured by her husband to sign financial documents while he withheld information from her, removed her from the marital funds and prevented her from communicating the matter to her two adult children.

Pastor rejects the allegations

The defendant’s lawyers reject the allegations and argue that the properties were transferred to one of the sons, Ronald Maldonado, in January 2020, and that he is the owner of the marital home.

“She bizarrely and falsely alleges in an amended petition that she is separated from both children and that Ronald is not ‘aware that these transfers are in her name,'” Kathleen Phang, Guillermo’s attorney, said in a court document citing the Miami Herald. “However, she and Ronald are currently living together under the same roof, so she should simply ask Ronald about the transfers, but she doesn’t,” added the legal representative.

Does the church embezzle funds and take advantage of the money of its parishioners?

In addition to the previous proposals, the dispute over whether the church violated the provisions of the rule of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), known as the “Inurement Prohibition”, has not yet been resolved. that prohibits board members, trustees, and other employees of 501 (c) (3) organizations from directly benefiting from charity.

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One of Ana’s attorneys, Christina Echeverri, indicated that her client seeks the Court to establish whether the church complies with the law since the plaintiff believes there is reason to believe that the congregation is embezzling funds.

Fervent supporter of Trump

Guillermo is a fervent supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Photos from January last year confirm the religious’s link with the magnate.

At a Republican campaign event at the Maldonado church, called “Evangelicals for Trump,” the pastor is seen praying for the politician.

Pastor Guillermo Maldonado prays for Donald Trump
Guillermo Maldonado and other religious leaders pray for Trump at an event at King Jesus International Ministry in January 2020. Photo: Joe Raedle, Getty Images

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