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The controversial video of the Dominican merenguero Omega with a gun in hand and threatening a public driver

The controversial video of the Dominican merenguero Omega with a gun in hand and threatening a public driver

File photo of handcuffs at a police station.

Thomas SAMSON / AFP / Getty Images

The Dominican merengue player Antonio Peter De la Rosa, better known as “Omega el Fuerte”, again faces legal problems after he appeared in a video threatening a public car driver with a gun on the Caribbean island.

“Omega the Strong” was arrested this Wednesday, as confirmed by his lawyer Félix Portes.

However, the artist was not prosecuted for the threat itself, but for carrying a weapon. Portes alleges that the weapon was a Taser or electroshock.

“The National Police executes the arrest warrant requested for violation of the arms law on 03-01-2021 by the National District Prosecutor’s Office against Antonio Peter de la Rosa, known as Omega el Fuerte despite the object being a #Taser, recognized by driver by means of an object recognition act ”, complained the lawyer in a message on Twitter in which he included the weapon.

Omega had been released in December 2018 following a conviction for a domestic violence case after 21 months in prison.

Omega was sentenced in September 2016 to five years in prison for a complaint from his ex-partner Sahira Valerio, who accused him of physical, sexual and emotional violence.

The First Collegiate Court of the National District ruled that the merenguero only had to serve eight months in jail and the rest on parole.

As part of the agreement to remain free, Omega could not carry firearms.

In a video of the incident that circulates in networks, the artist is seen threatening the other driver with a gun from outside the victim’s vehicle.

The National Police, through its social networks, released a video in which it asked the person involved to surrender. In the recording, the merenguero was observed on Winston Churchill Avenue, while threatening the public transport driver, identified as Sandy Rojas.

As it transpired, the discussion began with some expressions of the public car driver against the artist, who got out of his Maserati to demand that he apologize because he had mentioned the singer’s mother, who died of a heart attack in 2014.

Omega and the driver of the Churchill F-75 route went to the National Police Palace on Monday to clarify the case and reach an agreement.

However, the Dominican was arrested for possession of the weapon. His legal status is not clear at this time.

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