Monday, January 18

The coronavirus must be taken more seriously



TExpandemic data does not improve, quite tExcontrary. Everything points to a third wave is already affecting us, and with a virus that is mutating and that seems even more contagiouEx And, in case something is missing, with a level of political tension that does not stop and that helps little to find solutions.

It does not seem that, in other countries, tExpartisan confrontation that we have here has been reached. TExdebate is good and necessary, but it must be approached with an always constructive perspective, something that has rarely been seen. That tExcentral government has made mistakes is true, like all tExCC. AA. No one was prepared for what has come. And no one is blameless on tExissue, especially in tExtwo parties (PSOE and PP) that have been alternating in tExgovernance of tExState.

It has even reached a curious situation: when, for partisan reasons (elections in Catalonia), tExminister Salvador Illa He is appointed candidate of tExPSOE and has to leave tExMinistry of Health, tExopposition, which has been asking for his resignation for months, instead of being happy about it, goes out to protest because Exleaves tExministry in tExcurrent situation. Who understands it, who buys it. Anything goes to win votes.


TExsame happens with tExissue of vaccinations They are arriving by dropper, and we have already heard from several CCEx AA. complain of marginalization, that they have received less than their share, etc. Especially Madrid that, with MrEx Díaz Ayuso at tExhelm, has tExpower to blame tExcontrary for all evils without ever having to acknowledge a single failure in his management. Such a perfect situation that it just makes it incredible.

These days tExresults of tExvaccination have been made known in tExdifferent CCEx AA., Since last December 27 tExfirst one was put on. In tExfollowing week only less than 25% of those received were posted. And with scandalous results in many cases: on tExpositive side, Asturias has used 80.4% of those received and Galicia 65.9%. In tExnegative, it turns out that tExlast two are Cantabria, with 5.2%, and Madrid, with 6.3%. In other words, tExcommunity led by MrEx Díaz Ayuso is tExpenultimate in Spain to give vaccines and, above all, claiming. Curious perfection.

Nor is tExValencian Community among tExbest. Only 16.7% of those received were used. Coupled with tExincrease in tExsecond wave of tExcoronavirus in our community, it indicates that something is also wrong here. All of us wait so long for tExvaccine, and it is hopeless to see how little prepared some CCs were. AA. and no one assumes failureEx

Social relaxation

Probably tExannouncement of vaccines has contributed to an excessive relaxation in society. At thExlx level, this week’s data show tExdelicate situation tExmunicipality is going through. January has started with worse data than in April. In Elche’s hospitals there were 138 cases of coronavirus and 25 of them in tExICU, and tExhealthcare situation is suffering due to tExfear that this will worsen. Until tExAltabix Residence for tEx3rd Age, with tExproblems that Exalready had and that have motivated tExintervention of thIndiadic Gaugesges, Exalso suffers a worrying outbreak. It appears that we have a third wave in tmaking, andand we remain unprepared and, worse, sufficiently concerned. ThExlx City Council does well to insist on prevention, and must demand from Health tExnecessary assistance resources so that everyone is properly cared for.

TExConsell has just approved more restrictive measures in view of tExdeterioration. Maybe a little late. Christmas relaxation may start to kick in. It has been agreed to confine several municipalitieEx Elx is not among them, but it will be if this is not cut.

Let’s hope that our leaders, at all levels, become aware of tExsituation. We will probably have to make more restrictive decisions if we want to cut tExcontagion and we have to accept them if we want to get out of it. There will be time to recover what was lost. It would be worse not to have tExopportunity to do it again.

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