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The corpse of Luis Lorenzo’s aunt was made up to cover the blows on the face




The death of the octogenarian Maria Isabel Suarez led to the arrest of Luis Lorenzo and his wife, Aracha Palomino. Accused by agents of the Civil Guard of “consummated murder”, they are on provisional release with their passport withdrawn and the obligation to go weekly to sign at the Arganda del Rey courts where the procedure is instructed.

This past Wednesday, the coroner Elia Beatriz Diez testified as a witness via videoconference. His appearance served to clarify some of the data provided by the autopsy report that determined that the etiology of death was violent and homicidal. Faced with the questions asked, the doctor not only dismantled the theory that the cadmium and magnanese found in the blood of the deceased could be of post-mortem origin -the autopsy was carried out 48 hours after death-, but also explained that Medications (neuroleptics, antipsychotics, antidepressants and anxiolytics) were found that caused a “synergistic effect” that could cause, for example, alterations in the movement or speech of the elderly woman.

The corpse made up and dressed

Specific, beatrice put special attention in explaining that this cocktail of drugs could affect volitional, cognitive and motor levels, this being compatible with the degradation suffered by Maria Isabel during the time he lived in Madrid, it was hard to believe that the pills were prescribed by the same professional. In this regard, he bluntly clarified that dementia “cannot cause death in such a short time.”

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In her statement, to which ABC has had access, the doctor also states that, to her surprise, the corpse was dressed and made up and that he found bruises on the face that he discovered when he removed the victim’s make-up, without ruling out that these bruises were caused by direct blows or by a fall. To questions from the private prosecution, the coroner recognized that the makeup, which made it impossible to see with the naked eye, and the medical history explained by the relatives could facilitate the issuance of a totally erratic death certificate.

One of the points of greatest debate exists in the disease that, according to louis lorenzo Y Aracha Palominosuffered Maria Isabel at the time of his death. The coroner asserted that contrary to what her relatives stated, she did not find dementia by Lewi bodies in histiopathic analysis, not even an initial phase. Likewise, she confirmed that the patient had an MRI scheduled because they assumed that she could have a very mild dementia, but that in January 2021 she went to a medical consultation being totally independent. What he did specify is that the deceased had an antifungal treatment (to cure fungus) but that he did not see any fungus in the autopsy. He also found it striking “how long the treatment is, since the fungi normally heal beforehand.”

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